Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Ohmega Watts - The Find

The find is a great name for this album because you can tell that this man is a digger and deffiently found some dope records to sample from and to use for this LP.
Ohmega Watts dropped a classic! From beginnning to end this is quality and quantity. There is not one bad track on this! A few interludes which are short. Great beats and this cat can rhyme too! I bought this joint not knowing what I was going to get and I was pleasantly surprised! To all those that sleep....WAKE UP!!! Anyone that's a fan of Pete Rock or DJ Premier or good music in general needs to cop this now! PEACE

Track Listing
1. Intro
2. Where It All Started
3. That Sound
4. You Are Now Tuned In
5. Interlude 1: Journey
6. Full Swing
7. A Request
8. Mind Power
9. Your Love
10. Treasure Hunt
11. Groovin' On Sunshine
12. Interlude 2: At The Oasis
13. The Find
14. Saturday Night Live
15. Interlude 3: The Harder They Come
16. The Treatment
17. Stay Tuned
18. Interlude 4: Ya'll There?
19. Floor Rock
20. Move!
21. Long Ago
22. Outro/Dream On



Travis said...

Good looking on this. I know his last album was a fav of one of my buddies, but I never got into it for some reason. Not saying it was bad, but never got past a couple listens of it.

I'll be sure to check this out for sure.

BRANDONIAN 'the talking head said...

man im loving it, im glad you checked it out. The samples are genius.

Ricky Freshhh said...

that was the same when i see , the cd in the shop , look's a little bit presomptuous , want to give it a chance and.... BOOOM this fuckin record boombap my days for a while and is still in my favorites Hip-hop album... Better than the last one.

Anonymous said...

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