Sunday, September 30, 2007

Joell Ortiz - The brick bodega - Chronicles 2007

Whats crackin? Yea, your right it has been a while since my last post. It is sort of chaotic around here lately. School is kicking my ass, work has been kicking my ass but the brew and weekends have been great to me.

Joell Ortiz. What can I say about this guy? Plenty.
This dude can eat emcees for lunch, dinner and breakfast.
He has seen the struggle, grew up in new york and reps hip hop to the fullest. Ortiz may come off in his lyrics as a "hard" intellectual but really deep down the man is actually very humble. He grew up with a single mom addicted to cocaine. To keep a close eye on his moms' he stayed home refusing school scholarships for basketball not to mention pulling off a score close to 1400 on his SAT’s. Oddly enough the grind his mom was going through Joell began getting involved in to support himself. Slanging on corners making loot and using his pay off to help get his music grind on. Guess what? It worked. He began making madd mixtapes walking into clubs with crates full and tossing them around the club. Eventually one of those tapes landed in the hands of Dr. Dre. Aftermath signed him and Ortiz has been doing big things ever since. Colabbing with some artists from both main and underground streams. Not that I am a fan of his track with Akon but he deffiently came correct with a favourtie mc of mine Imortal Technique. This album is for both fans of mainstream and underground scenes. Its a blend that will leave the underground heads saying "Damn this dude can rip it..but some of his tracks need some better production and does he really have to collab with Akon?" And the mainstream cats saying "are you serious did he just say -Yo do me a favor (what?)
Accidentally step on your white sunglasses...we don't wear those over here..this is Hip Hop"? His fanbase has recently said he is the next Big Pun, that him and Pun share the same energy, the same flow and the same knowledge. Because of this he actually did a dedication track to Pun. This piece of art shows that in fact nice guys do not always finish last and karma is not always a bitch or a son of one.

Track Listing

1. 125, Pt. 1 (The Bio) - Joell Ortiz
2. Brooklyn Remix - Big Daddy Kane, , Cashmere, , Maino, Joell Ortiz, , Solomon
3. Caught Up - Joell Ortiz
4. Night in My P's - Big Noyd, Joell Ortiz
5. 125, Pt. 2 (Fresh Air) - Joell Ortiz
6. Hip Hop - Joell Ortiz
7. Modern Day Slavery - Immortal Technique, Joell Ortiz
8. 125, Pt. 3 (Connections) - Gab Gotcha, , Graph, Joell Ortiz, Ras Kass, Stimuli
9. Bqe - Lord Black, Joell Ortiz, , Alex "BQE" Santiago
10. Block Royal - Joell Ortiz
11. Latino - La Bruja, Joell Ortiz
12. Keep on Callin' - Akon, Joell Ortiz,
13. Time Is Money - Joell Ortiz, Styles P
14. Brooklyn B******* - Joell Ortiz
15. 125, Pt. 4 (Finale) - Joell Ortiz

I wake up (Hip Hop)
Go to sleep (Hip Hop)
Dream bout (Hip Hop)
Cause I am (Hip Hop)

"They knocked down the towers to raise tax anything they borough we pay back!"


Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Smokers delight? Me I prefer smoking the mic, kind of like the one that im holding tonight...
For all the smokers out there.....

Did you guys hear that beat?
Thanks Dilla.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

DJ QBert - Lamb Chops


What does your soul look like pt1

One of my favourites..its cut short though.

Dj Shadow Collab with Dj Q Bert - Bonus Disc

Oh ya'll thought it was over? Guess again..
Not only did Dj Shadow come correct on the Preemptive Strike, but he had a guest come and join him on the bonus disc. A guest by the name of DJ QBERT! 24 minutes of a single track megamixed to the fullest.Fresh.
Check it out..

Track Listing

1. Camel bobsled race (Dj Shadow megamix by Dj Qbert)

DJ Shadow - Preemptive Strike

Yes, yes thats right. Dj Shadows Preemptive Strike. You lucky bastards, this is from my collection (almost every album on here is of course) and here I am handing it over to a couple of heads who save the ten bucks I spent on this one. Yep. 10 bones. Was it worth it? Your damn right it was worth it.In fact you could say it was money well spent. Anywhoo..

DJ Shadows Preemptive strike is beautiful trip hop and a mix of acid jazz. This is for purists. This is for travelers on the journey of Dj Shadow, because it takes study and an open mind to appreciate this record. It is a digression back to the old school, but this is Dj Shadow's classroom. It radiates with the layered, entrancing, subtle, and spiritual style that only he brings to the vinyl. Josh Davis(Shadow) is an artist who has stayed fresh from then until now, but this album is like a timeless interlude, a trailmark and a tribute. `What Does Your Soul Look Like` pts 1-4 which actually appear on on the album in track positions 2,3,4,1 are hella creative and for me, the title says it all. Be aware, the true value of this record is something you really have to listen for.
If you like to freestyle these tracks will let your mind grasp dope concepts. I dont know why exactly but believe me it happens.
Have fun with this one and dont forget to practice your free steeelin....

Track Listings

1. Strike 1
2. In/Flux
3. Hindsight
4. Strike 2
5. What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 2)
6. What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 3)
7. What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 4)
8. What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 1)
9. Strike 3 (And I'm Out)
10. High Noon
11. Organ Donor [Extended Overhaul]

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Forest Whitaker - Ghost Dog

Just watched this movie last night. Cant believe I never heard anything about this one. Its amazing. Plus Rza makes a cameo and does some great production for the movie`s soundtrack. If anyone out there knows where I could find the soundtrack to this movie please let me know. Check this clip with Ghost Dog performing some sweet ninja moves. The way of the samurai. One.