Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Ron Paul on Jay Leno - Jan/07/08

Thanks to Jay for standing up for the people and having him on the show.


"Maybe their intimidated,maybe their frightened or maybe they don't want to hear the truth."


Great job Ron, all the best of luck!

Ron Paul & Leno again?



Jazz Addixx - Oxygen (original)

1 Intro
2 Say Jazzy
3 Body Flow
4 Chill
5 Boom's Interlude
6 Something you Live (Feat Dr. Becket)
7 H.I.P.-H.O.P.
8 Flowin (Feat. Dr. Becket)
9 Far From the Average
10 Ragz Interlude
11 Oxygen (Feat. Primo the Cinematic)
12 Serenade
13 Stress
14 Catch Wrek
15 Mudd's Intermission
16 Mindstate
17 It's a Shame
18 Unborn
19 Outro
20 Catch Wrek (Live recording bonus)

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It was 2005, a year of no stress, 6 packs and sess. 17 years of age and interested in building a nice collection of music. I couldn't believe it when I saw a post early in 07' over at Eric's blog WTR that was titled Jazz Addixx Oxygen Refreshed. At first I thought to my self "Hey I have this album"! but then I took a closer look at the cover. Sure enough it was the same crew, same tracks but with slightly more refreshing beats. Hence the addition to the title "Refreshed". It wasnt until yesterday that this album showed up. My parents are constantly finding albums of mine around the house, its pretty cool. Its like I hide the gems and my parents are my diggers. It re appeared and here I am now.

I remember after I grabbed the album, it had non stop play in my discman. Yea, imagine that, a discman. It was early 2005, what the hell was an I Pod? Anyways I can recall a high school field trip in February where I just plopped the headphones on and just blasted the shit out of this album all the way until Toronto. Nothing worse than sitting beside a buddy on a bus when all you want to do is cool out and listen to some easy lyrics and smooth jazz beats.Its kind of funny when that happens though, you know they are asking you questions or telling you a story and all you give them back is a head nod until they get frustrated and start chatting to the guy behind them. What could I do, I was in a trance. Staring at architecture, graff pieces and tall buildings while listening to hip hop is a better mix than rum and coke or some hash oil and a dubie for that matter. I have always been a fan of calm jazz and at the time I hadn't heard a better mix of jazz and hip hop. Excluding Jazz "We've Got" from ATCQ of course. But this was just something different. The elements were just on point. The sample from Pete and Cl "My whole mind state gravitates a weapon" on "Mindstate" with DJ Ragz On the cut was just a stand out track for me. It was perfect. Continuous replay with the track on repeat until I mastered the lyrics and the melody. Also "Unborn" was just another track that had me stuck. The soulful hum of the beat and the intense passion of the lyrics expressed were a great sequence. Cant forget the track "stress" ,with the perfect horn and drum pattern how could it be any better? Again the lyrics speak for the track. Anyone who is having a hard time with life needs to peep this one for some guidance. I know I did. The intro,intermission and interludes keep the listener going with exciting beats making the listener anticipating for the next track. Even the outro brings the listener one more track. Brilliance.

So thats the story folks. You want it you got it.
Just phat,Just right, For all of those who feel the flavor's tight!