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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Prince Ali

Prince Ali! It seems to have taken me longer than I expected to give the respect this man deserves on this blog. As you all know I'm Canadian, which is why when cats like this come from my homeland and a city so close to mine it puts a big fat grin on my face. I mean honestly, there has been so many great artists that have approached the microphone and have gave it a blessing almost 99.9% of the time but have been refused by labels across the border. Its disgusting.I would rant and rave about this concept all day but I believe I will save it for another post. Maybe it could go a little something like this "Why it sucks being a Canadian in the hip hop game" ;). Anyways here is a link for the album in which I feel bad distributing because it is well worth the money. So how about if you really dig the album you buy it from P.A's myspace. Here is both links. Also big up to Incise for the quality production of the beats he provided that sound eerily similar to ol' skool beats from the 90's. Don't get it confused, this is Price Ali from Toronto,Canada. Not the Prince Ali from Cali.

Free sample



Rap Authour/On our way

Movements Feat.Kev Brown

Tragedy Khadafi & P.A. [Prince Ali] - Righteous Scrolls

P.S I also miss 1994....

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

An Ode To The Brew "A.O.T.T.B"

Ever since I saw Travis' helpful post on Cheap Summer Drinking Ive been inspired to do one of my own. So here goes nothing.

What up kings? I hope some readers are ready to "Get your girl in the mood quicker, make your jimmy thicker, St. Ides”!
Lets get down to business. Why would it not surprise me if every reader that has stopped by my blog has had a sip or taste of St.Ides? Shit, I was drinking the stuff when I was 14, back in those days that I now refer to as the "damn why I didn’t think of my future" days. My first experience with brew was in fact St.Ides. It was the beginning of my high school career around mid October. Some lady friends decided to form a function of no more than 30 people to meet in a park near by the school and have an all out drinking fest. We followed the same trend as most people do when they are underage trying to get there hands on some brew. We stole it. Kidding. I guess I have to thank the girls I was chasing because they were able to hook us up! Thank god for those older dudes who stuck by their motto when they said age is only a number. Ha-ha. From then on it was nothing but $5 40 ounce weekends.

"Hey mom"?
"Yea sweetie"?
"Can I borrow 5 bucks for a movie tonight"?
"Of course, here take 20"
"Thanks mom"
"Oh ya, mom"?
"Is it okay if I see a late show I shouldn't be later than 12:30"?
"That’s fine with me, take your key and be safe".

Little harsh I suppose, but she still loves me. Surprisingly me and my friends got ridiculed one night for drinking St.Ides. We were at a party and when we showed up all we saw was older kids, older kids with O.E's and backpacks full with paint markers and spray cans. Typical Heads. Snap! I don't know what the big deal was but I’m assuming it was because they all recently watched the movie menace to society. From then on it was Olde English. St. Ides was second on the list. But coincidently this brew introduced me into freestyle sessions. Out at the house parties or known drinking spots for under age kids is where I first witnessed a live beat box and freestyle. Ciphers and battles. I was only in grade 9 at the time so all I could do was stand back and listen. It was nice to realize the difference between a wack rap and a dope verse. Watching these dudes flow, some whom I’m still friends with today, helped me understand a lot of important elements. It was also exciting being able to watch these guys tag or paint almost anything in sight. Then of course there was that one time where I vomited all over my city because I thought a slice of pizza all day would tide me over before drinking a bottle. I’m sure now a days I could wake up and pound one on an empty stomach, but when your young, skinny and stupid your chances of staying on your feet are limited. Oh well, live and learn right?

So it turns out the beverage made me think when it came to chilling with friends, meeting new people, getting in or out of trouble and most important HIP HOP. By the way I haven't had a 40 of malt liquor in a very,very long time.

Quick Facts

-St. Ides Special Brews" have a variety of flavorings, including mint and various fruit flavors, to the beer.
-St. Ides brand has made use of celebrity endorsements by rappers in the past
-Chuck D appeared in a St. Ides advertisement once, but sued the brand's then-owner, the McKenzie River Brewing Company, for using his voice without his permission; he had long taken a strong stance against malt liquor advertising.
-Rap group Luniz were known admirers of the drink, as stated in there song I Got 5 On It..

I do my homework...

St.Ides Commercial Throwbacks..

Promo Tape for St.Ides

Tupac And Snoop



Ice Cube


DJ Pooh

King Tee

On one last note I highly doubt you would ever see promotion like this ever again on TV. As ill and creative as it was you always have to deal with the stereotypes running around making everybody fearful, cautious and curious. Its unfortunate but then again, monkey see monkey do!

Peace and don't drink and drive. Do what I do..

Walk home and pass out on your neighbors lawn


Go home with a questionable broad..It makes for an interesting story the next morning

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Evil - Im Leaving

Another Canadian artist coming up in the game.
I hear where this dude is coming from on this track which is why I am posting the video.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Loose Change - Final Cut


Its here. Loose Change "The final cut". Released coincidentally on November 11th, Veterans day in the U.S. and Remembrance day here in Canada. There is a war going on for your mind. Step out of the box and learn the truth. Dylan Avery and Jason Bermas team up with Alex Jones from and bring you the final cut of the flawless version of how 9/11 really occurred and the possible facts on why the events on this day happened in the first place. I say flawless because finally the creators of loose change were able to create a version which cannot be interpreted. The documentary expresses how worthless the so called 9/11 Commission Report was and that the novel was nothing but a waste of paper. The world is not perfect. The number 1 country in this world is trying to grasp global control. The facts are there so please do not hate on me for making this statement. In other words a New World Order. The leader of that country needs to be impeached. Today. What is happening over in Iraq is wrong! Innocent men,women, children and baby's are dying. Not to mention all of the innocent lives of troops that have been taken for a purpose that involves nothing but a natural resource. Of course the resource is worth money , otherwise there would be no point in fighting right George? Wrong. Racism, religion and politics also play a huge role in the shiesty events taking place across seas. You could say "Well how about those weapons of mass destruction found over in Iraq"? Here is my answer "Bullshit"! Why did I choose that response? Because they never found shit! Again the facts back me up on that one to , so please no rebuttal. The ending scene of innocent civilians bloodied up and crying in this documentary almost made me bust a tear. It didn't happen. Only because I remembered there is still a chance for change. It is not over yet. Only the truth can set us free. Thankfully its all here in this video. The controlled demolition, the facts that state the U.S. Govt trained fellow Alqueada who attacked the United States and of course the wrongful doing of the cleanup after the events of 9/11 that also lead to harmful deaths.

I could loose a lot of respect for my blog with this post, but I stand strong in my position of being anti- Bush along with his affiliates and feel strongly that the truth needs to be exposed.

Here is a little sample.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Prince Paul- People searching for peace of mind through Itstrumental

Prince Paul was asked to make this instrumental album with no budget and limited resources. All Paul had was a pile of useless tracks from the 80's to the new millennium to create this wicked piece of art. He went through with his mission and produced some really dope beats. He even attempted to use all live instruments on "Live @ 5" which actually turned out sounding pretty ill. I feel as though Prince Po has been over looked by the Pete Rock,Large Pro and Jay Dee fans because you never see his name pop up on top producers / beat makers of all time or even mentioned on most blogs out there. So Ive decided to grab this album off the shelf and give it a chance to be heard on the blog scene for the true heads. The album consists of great piano keys, dope drum patterns and a few guitar riffs. Prince Paul said this album was more than instrumentals and that it was more like skitstrumentals because of the funky samples of funny comedians and movie snippets that seem to occur throughout the entire album. From 88' to now Prince Paul brings together an unheard collection of beats, skits and tracks to cure all the dumb toys lacking out in the rapping industry. My favourite tunes from this album would be "It's A Stick Up" "Flattery" "My Friend The Popmaster" "El Ka Bong" "Yes, I Do Love Them Ho's!" and last but not least "The Night My Girlfriend Left Me". And If your having girl troubles make sure you check out "Flattery". Pure genius!

"That fear of voice in your head that always stops you will give you a dozen reasons not to approach a woman, if you go ahead and do it anyway you'll master that fear and then you'll have all the women you can handle. So here's what to do. Tell yourself the truth, that women want to be approached, they think its flattering."

Track Listing
1. MVU (Act 1)
2. It's A Stick Up
3. Flattery (feat. Steinski)
4. My Friend The Popmaster
5. Inside Your Mind (feat. Mr. Dead / MC Paul Barman)
6. El Ka Bong
7. MVU (Act 2)
8. Yes, I Do Love Them Ho's!
9. What Are You Afraid Of?
10. I Want You (I'm An 80's Man) (feat. Bimos)
11. Profit
12. The Boston Top (feat. Mr. Dead / Newkirk)
13. MVU (Act 3)
14. And The Winner Is?
15. Gangsta's My Style
16. The Night My Girlfriend Left Me (feat. MC Paul Barman)
17. Live @ 5
18. MVU (Final Act)
19. Think or Die

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Do you still love her?

Yo I love Hip Hop! It speaks to me, it nourishes my soul, it keeps me moving and thanks to the right samples it is always introducing me to different genres of music. Do you feel the same way? Do you watch B.E.T or do you boycott the artists they support and switch the channel right away? Does all of your favorite rappers, emcees and lyricists rap about topics that relate to you and your lifestyle? Do you enjoy the sound of a piano, guitar, saxophone, trumpet, drum, a kick and a snare a scratch from a vinyl or even a female vocalist for that matter? Do you think of hip hop as an art form or is it just something you enjoy because your friends seem to like it? Do you believe Kool Herc is just another name for Hercules or one of the illest hip hop DJ/party thrower the Bronx ever experienced? Is hip hop something you think you will grow out of and never look back on or will you remember that hip hop was there for you, helped you keep cool, inspired you to understand why the world moves on it's axis and why it made you smile every time you heard a new track from your favourtie artist? Did you start out by listening to Souls Of Mischief or did your hip hop experience begin when 50 cent formed G-unot? Did you ever walk 5km to the cd store to support an artist, or did you see a music video for a track you liked and said "Shit..better turn on limewire and download that track, that shit was ill." Did you only bump mix tapes growing up or was it understood that to understand an artists point of view in his raps you needed to listen to the full album!? Is hip hop a hobby, a pass time or just another way to break the silence? Is spray paint only for construction or can it also be used for expression? Is style wars a documentary or something that Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie have every time before they get there slut movement on?

So with all of these questions above and with the correct answers whos to say hip hop is dead? If it still runs through your body like water in a boxer it is in fact still alive and well. Perhaps hip hop is dead but does that mean you should just forget about where it originated and why? Jesus Christ him self resurrected and one day so will hip hop.
Mark my words. I used to love her?
I still do!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Invisible Handz

Invisble handz from Scienz of Life , makes a beat in front of your very eyes.
I saw this about 6 months ago and every now and then I come back to it on you tube and get my fix. Its truly Amazing. Anyone know the sample?

Monday, October 1, 2007

Concrete Click - Lyrical Terrorism (EP)

Posting. A request for My friend "Illustrious" from .
I dont know much about these dudes. This album for once is not from the collection of legit albums that I do own. This one fell into my hardrive in April.I know that the group is from Boston and from my understanding are quite the legends. It shows and proves on this EP. My favourite track on this album is "Keep it street". The production is safe and the lyrics are raw meat. Be sure to grab this while you can.

Track Listing

01 - Intro
02 - Gone With The Wind
03 - Where You At
04 - Naive To The Facts
05 - Keep It Street
06 - Interlude
07 - Criminal
08 - Keep It Street (Remix)
09 - Can't Get Enough
10 - Outro

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Joell Ortiz - The brick bodega - Chronicles 2007

Whats crackin? Yea, your right it has been a while since my last post. It is sort of chaotic around here lately. School is kicking my ass, work has been kicking my ass but the brew and weekends have been great to me.

Joell Ortiz. What can I say about this guy? Plenty.
This dude can eat emcees for lunch, dinner and breakfast.
He has seen the struggle, grew up in new york and reps hip hop to the fullest. Ortiz may come off in his lyrics as a "hard" intellectual but really deep down the man is actually very humble. He grew up with a single mom addicted to cocaine. To keep a close eye on his moms' he stayed home refusing school scholarships for basketball not to mention pulling off a score close to 1400 on his SAT’s. Oddly enough the grind his mom was going through Joell began getting involved in to support himself. Slanging on corners making loot and using his pay off to help get his music grind on. Guess what? It worked. He began making madd mixtapes walking into clubs with crates full and tossing them around the club. Eventually one of those tapes landed in the hands of Dr. Dre. Aftermath signed him and Ortiz has been doing big things ever since. Colabbing with some artists from both main and underground streams. Not that I am a fan of his track with Akon but he deffiently came correct with a favourtie mc of mine Imortal Technique. This album is for both fans of mainstream and underground scenes. Its a blend that will leave the underground heads saying "Damn this dude can rip it..but some of his tracks need some better production and does he really have to collab with Akon?" And the mainstream cats saying "are you serious did he just say -Yo do me a favor (what?)
Accidentally step on your white sunglasses...we don't wear those over here..this is Hip Hop"? His fanbase has recently said he is the next Big Pun, that him and Pun share the same energy, the same flow and the same knowledge. Because of this he actually did a dedication track to Pun. This piece of art shows that in fact nice guys do not always finish last and karma is not always a bitch or a son of one.

Track Listing

1. 125, Pt. 1 (The Bio) - Joell Ortiz
2. Brooklyn Remix - Big Daddy Kane, , Cashmere, , Maino, Joell Ortiz, , Solomon
3. Caught Up - Joell Ortiz
4. Night in My P's - Big Noyd, Joell Ortiz
5. 125, Pt. 2 (Fresh Air) - Joell Ortiz
6. Hip Hop - Joell Ortiz
7. Modern Day Slavery - Immortal Technique, Joell Ortiz
8. 125, Pt. 3 (Connections) - Gab Gotcha, , Graph, Joell Ortiz, Ras Kass, Stimuli
9. Bqe - Lord Black, Joell Ortiz, , Alex "BQE" Santiago
10. Block Royal - Joell Ortiz
11. Latino - La Bruja, Joell Ortiz
12. Keep on Callin' - Akon, Joell Ortiz,
13. Time Is Money - Joell Ortiz, Styles P
14. Brooklyn B******* - Joell Ortiz
15. 125, Pt. 4 (Finale) - Joell Ortiz

I wake up (Hip Hop)
Go to sleep (Hip Hop)
Dream bout (Hip Hop)
Cause I am (Hip Hop)

"They knocked down the towers to raise tax anything they borough we pay back!"


Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Smokers delight? Me I prefer smoking the mic, kind of like the one that im holding tonight...
For all the smokers out there.....

Did you guys hear that beat?
Thanks Dilla.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

DJ QBert - Lamb Chops


What does your soul look like pt1

One of my favourites..its cut short though.

Dj Shadow Collab with Dj Q Bert - Bonus Disc

Oh ya'll thought it was over? Guess again..
Not only did Dj Shadow come correct on the Preemptive Strike, but he had a guest come and join him on the bonus disc. A guest by the name of DJ QBERT! 24 minutes of a single track megamixed to the fullest.Fresh.
Check it out..

Track Listing

1. Camel bobsled race (Dj Shadow megamix by Dj Qbert)

DJ Shadow - Preemptive Strike

Yes, yes thats right. Dj Shadows Preemptive Strike. You lucky bastards, this is from my collection (almost every album on here is of course) and here I am handing it over to a couple of heads who save the ten bucks I spent on this one. Yep. 10 bones. Was it worth it? Your damn right it was worth it.In fact you could say it was money well spent. Anywhoo..

DJ Shadows Preemptive strike is beautiful trip hop and a mix of acid jazz. This is for purists. This is for travelers on the journey of Dj Shadow, because it takes study and an open mind to appreciate this record. It is a digression back to the old school, but this is Dj Shadow's classroom. It radiates with the layered, entrancing, subtle, and spiritual style that only he brings to the vinyl. Josh Davis(Shadow) is an artist who has stayed fresh from then until now, but this album is like a timeless interlude, a trailmark and a tribute. `What Does Your Soul Look Like` pts 1-4 which actually appear on on the album in track positions 2,3,4,1 are hella creative and for me, the title says it all. Be aware, the true value of this record is something you really have to listen for.
If you like to freestyle these tracks will let your mind grasp dope concepts. I dont know why exactly but believe me it happens.
Have fun with this one and dont forget to practice your free steeelin....

Track Listings

1. Strike 1
2. In/Flux
3. Hindsight
4. Strike 2
5. What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 2)
6. What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 3)
7. What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 4)
8. What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 1)
9. Strike 3 (And I'm Out)
10. High Noon
11. Organ Donor [Extended Overhaul]

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Forest Whitaker - Ghost Dog

Just watched this movie last night. Cant believe I never heard anything about this one. Its amazing. Plus Rza makes a cameo and does some great production for the movie`s soundtrack. If anyone out there knows where I could find the soundtrack to this movie please let me know. Check this clip with Ghost Dog performing some sweet ninja moves. The way of the samurai. One.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

DJ Muggs & the GZA - General Principles

"Name a crew that can stop the force that I strike with, let alone try to hold the pen that I write with"

DJ Muggs vs GZA/The Genius - Grandmasters

Two of the biggest names in hip hop collide for an album that will fill your eardrums with hip hop at its finest. Dj muggs the founder of cypress hill and the Wu-Tang Clan’s most prolific lyricist Gza create an album that is classic and will be remembered as one of the best collaboration albums in hip hop history. One reason to grab this record Dj muggs has sold over 1 million records and Gza over 2 million.
Impressive indeed.

Track Listings
1. Opening
2. Those That's Bout It
3. Destruction of a Guard - DJ Muggs, , GZA, Raekwon
4. Exploitation of Mistakes
5. General Principles
6. Advance Pawns - DJ Muggs, , GZA, RZA, Raekwon, Sen Dog
7. Queen's Gambit
8. All in Together Now - DJ Muggs, , GZA, RZA
9. Unstoppable Threats - DJ Muggs, , GZA, Masta Killa, Prodigal Sunn
10. Unprotected Pieces
11. Illusory Protection
12. Smothered Mate

Sunday, August 12, 2007

D.I.T.C - Rare

D.I.T.C-Live at Tramps Ny in Memory of Big L Vol. 2 [Live]

So ive been a fan of D.I.T.C for a long time now and in February I was blessed once again by this cd company who stops off at my college every now and then with "Live at tramps NY". I spent 10$ on this album and it was worth every dollar. Dedicated to the late Big L the D.I.T.C show love to the fans by giving a live performance and releasing the recording. The album stands out with the dope remix produced by Diamond D for "next level" and a couple mean freestyles from Diamond D and Show+Ag plus my favorite track from the team, Lord Finesses "Hip 2 da game". The crowd is pretty wild for D.I.T.C and makes you want to scream with them. So since we couldnt make the show lets support the pioneers of real Hip Hop.

Track Listings
1. Intro
2. Day In The Life
3. Check One Two
4. Freestyle (Yo That's That
5. Best Kept Secret
6. Sally
7. Projects
8. Hiatus
9. Fat Pockets (Rmx)
10. Next Leve (Original/Rmx)
11. Spit
12. Soul Clap
13. Freestyle
14. Funky Technician Baby You
15. Strictly For The Ladies
16. You Know What I'm About
17. Yes You May (Rmx)
18. Actual Facts
19. Hip 2 Da Game

Crown City Rockers - B-Boy

Now thats Hip Hop in its purest form....

Mission - One

Refreshing!Mission! Where did the name come from? The name mission came from Mission Hill in Boston where they all first originated from. Unfortionatley the group is now known as Crown City Rockers. Basically what happened was Mission UK a 60s rock group emailed crown city and told them to change their name because they had more money. Bullshit but whatever. Crown City is another place where they grew up so its still relevant i suppose. But anyways Mission (Crown City)is jazz influenced hip hop and sounds beautiful. The production is A+ and the lyrics are 10/10. Rhyming about all my favourite topics, brew, graff, b-boying and women. Also rhyming about hard times , problems with the girl, family,job or just life in general. I love it. No guns, hatred or ego trippin just feel good , laid back music.
This isnt for everyone, it's for you

Track Listings
1. Intro
2. Contagious *
3. Homework, Pt. 1 - Etch
4. Rockin' It
5. 59 Pontiac
6. Disturbing Behaviour
7. Homework, Pt. 2
8. Now I Shine
9. Mission: 2
10. Hands Up
11. Chocolate Milk and Apricots
12. Transit
13. More Than You Know *
14. Last Night *
15. Homework, Pt. 3
16. BS II MF [Remix]* dope grand puba sample
17. Don't Stop (Interlude)
18. It's The... Listen *
19. [Untitled Hidden Track] -

*=Standout Tracks
Meh, there all dope..

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Ohmega Watts - The Find

The find is a great name for this album because you can tell that this man is a digger and deffiently found some dope records to sample from and to use for this LP.
Ohmega Watts dropped a classic! From beginnning to end this is quality and quantity. There is not one bad track on this! A few interludes which are short. Great beats and this cat can rhyme too! I bought this joint not knowing what I was going to get and I was pleasantly surprised! To all those that sleep....WAKE UP!!! Anyone that's a fan of Pete Rock or DJ Premier or good music in general needs to cop this now! PEACE

Track Listing
1. Intro
2. Where It All Started
3. That Sound
4. You Are Now Tuned In
5. Interlude 1: Journey
6. Full Swing
7. A Request
8. Mind Power
9. Your Love
10. Treasure Hunt
11. Groovin' On Sunshine
12. Interlude 2: At The Oasis
13. The Find
14. Saturday Night Live
15. Interlude 3: The Harder They Come
16. The Treatment
17. Stay Tuned
18. Interlude 4: Ya'll There?
19. Floor Rock
20. Move!
21. Long Ago
22. Outro/Dream On

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Da Bush Babees - (1995) - Remember We (Vinyl, 12'')

So folks, this is the 12" for remember we from Da Bush Babees
. But please show me no credit and make sure you check out where I originally downloaded this from

Da Bush Babees - Ambushed

This trio came out of nowhere with an absolute soundbomb of a single called "swing it" in '94 that blew the roof off. It was in the same vein as H.O.P.-"jump around", with the soul intention to get you amped. The ONLY bad point with this album is, that for some ridiculous reason, they've put a far inferior remix of it onto the album INSTEAD of the original. The scary part is even thats good!! Apart from that its a case of strap on your seat-belt and get ready for an explosive ride. The beats are all neck breakers, only being surpassed by the velocity+ferocity of the 3mc's rhymes. With the exception of 3 tracks "original" (an infectious reggae influenced joint which YTEE shines on), "we run things" (a lovely jazzy track produced by ali shaheed from A.T.C.Q.) and "remember we" (a smooth look back on their lives before they made it) the rest of the album is a b-boy's party album!! Packed with solid banging beats+ amazing lyrics from all 3mc's, you're in for a treat. MR.MAN spits highly intricate, intelligent yet witty+funny flows, LEE MAJORS(KAOS) brings that hard edged, no nonsense battle angle, while YTEE is the reggae / dj element of the group. The standouts are "pon de attack", "original", "get on down", "we run things","remember we", "just cant stand it", "clear my throat" and "swing it".

Track Listings
1. Intro
2. Pon de Attack
3. Put It Down [Soundclash]
4. Original [Rudeboys' Arrivin']
5. Ruff N' Rugged [On Da Radio]
6. Just Can't Stand It
7. Ignorant No It All
8. Hit 'Em Up - Da Bush Babees, , II Unorthodox
9. We Run Things (It's Like Dat)
10. Get on Down
11. Remember We [Bleu Buttaflyze]
12. Clear My Throat (Ya Mammy)
13. Swing It (Jazziness)

Da Bush Babees - Gravity *1996

For starts I would just like to state that for the record this album comes bigger and better than the previous release "Ambushed".
Music should inspire, uplift, make you feel good or atleast give a glimpse to something better. That is what real hiphop does, that is what this album does.
A solid five star effort.
I dig in the crates so you don't have to.

Track Listing

1. Intro
2. Gravity
3. Wax
4. The Beat Down
5. Maybe
6. Three Mc's
7. S.O.S
8. God Complex
9. The Ruler
10. The Ninth Presentation
11. The Love Song
12. Rock Roots
13. In Meh Dreams
14. Melting Plastic
15. Outro

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Nasty Nas- Nas Will Prevail (1993) Pre Illmatic

So I guess theres a full album out there that J love produced back in the day for Nas... Anyone know where to find the full Pre-Illmatic???? In the mean time have a peeek at this video. I uploaded the track underneath if you want to download it.

"I master dialects, of uncommon languages
A black man caught by the Klan couldn't hang with this"
--> Seems to me Nas was already King before Illmatic....what do you think?

Nasty Nas- Nas Will Prevail (1993) Before illmatic *Audio Track

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Krs One - Prophets vs Profits

Damn! I heard this album at my buddys house this past weekend. We were sippin some brews and playing some videos games for ol time sake. A couple blunts were passed and we knew it was time for some beats. So I chose this album out of my buddys cd book. I couldnt believe my ears. And to hear Krs say on the album that he made it over one weekend blew my mind. I actually had the chance to see Krs live in Toronto in October and im sure he performed some of these tracks but I was probably just to bombed to remember. But what I really cant belive is that "Ova Here" (Famous Nelly diss) is actually on one of his albums. I always thought it was a track only found on mixtapes. A couple more tracks i was fond of were "My People", "I Remember" (With a sample of Aretha Franklin)and "Believe It". So for any real hip hop fan check it out and copp a download while you can.

Track Listing
1. Ova Here
2. Things About to Change
3. Splash
4. My People
5. Kreditz
6. I Remember
7. Down the Chart
8. So You Really Don't Want It
9. Womanology
10. 2nd Kreditz
11. Stop It - KRS-One, Mad Lion
12. Problemz
13. Believe It

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Nas - Deja Vu

"From the womb to the tomb I presume the unpredictible..Gun salute life rappidly thats the ritual"

Kid was 18!!!!

Nas - Deja Vu - Audio Track

What up Nasty Nas fans. So as usual I was on the Youtube tip the other day and came across this video of my man Nas rippin it up on a track Deja Vu. I had never heard it before so I thought maby theres a few other heads out there who might want the chance to check it out as well. The comments on you tube express that this track is pre-illmatic and was made in 92' ...who knows. Peep it.

Erule - Listen Up

From his 12" Synopsis back in the dayyy, pretty dope.

ERULE - Cold Currentz

"The album represents my way of life, and different things that I've experienced. It speaks on growing up, family, false friendships, running the streets, death of loved ones and things I go through in my walks of life. It's a self expression as well as being something that I'm giving back," he says. "It's for everyone, and might open people up to things that they never think about, to new understanding, to a new way of life, to the sciences." The core essence of his work he explains is "To teach freedom, justice and equality. And to give people an understanding of who they truly are and what their purpose is in life; being the soul controllers of our existence through supreme intelligence." It's these basic axiomatic principles that are always involved in his musical expression. "The expression-- it's life itself, and that's what I speak about. It's all mathematics and mathematics is life. Every song on Cold Currentz represents something different, you know, everything." - Equality Rule

Track Listing:
1 Intro (Cold Currentz)
2 One Rule
3 Agony
4 Rise
5 The real me
6 Clowning
7 Rum & Coke
8 (Interlude)
9 Sunshine
10 What is Life
11 Determined
12 All in All
13 Technicality
14 Only if you knew
15 Crimm intro
17 Deceit
18 Milestone
19 Sabotage
20 Here it is
21 Nik Luv R.I.P.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Madlib - Slim's Return

Gotta love Madlib...

Madlib - Shades Of Blue

Once again friends props to madlib ... as a jazzfan, I thank him for his enthusiasm... i'm just glad to see true hip hop heads still lobbying for the cause of the jazz experience!If there is some real jazz heads out there make sure you pick this one up. Its brilliant, the album itself is a dope remix to the blue note catologue for those who are unnaware and the beats are flat out impressive Tracks to highlight are "Distant Land" and "Slims Return". Make sure you peep this and always remember to practise your free steez.

1 Intro
2 Slim's Return
3 Distant Land
4 Mystic Bounce
5 Stormy
6 Blue Note Interlude
7 Please Set Me At Ease
Rap [Featuring] - MED
8 Funky Blue Note
9 Alfred Lion Interlude
10 Stepping Into Tomorrow
11 Andrew Hill Break
12 Montara
13 Song For My Father
14 Footprints
15 Peace / Dolphin Dance
16 outro

Monday, June 18, 2007

Wu-Tang Office

This is some damn good role play. I was thinking of posting '36 chambers but decided that every blog probably has that album so I came unique with the youtube video.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Madlib - Beat Konducta - Vol. 1-2: Movie Scenes

Madlib, the genius young producer (yes, I believe he’s earned the title of “genius” by now) behind so many diverse projects over the years, from Madvillainy to the Quasimoto albums to Yesterdays New Quintet to Jaylib to DJ Rels, has finally dropped his instrumental album. It’s on Stones Throw, which makes sense—through his prolific production work he’s practically come to define the Stones Throw sound by now—and the comparisons to J Dilla’s Donuts are inevitable. Both albums are longer works composed of 30-something shorter tracks, most averaging about one to two minutes in length, and both are largely instrumental, using any vocals—usually sampled and chopped—mainly as instruments. Both are on Stones Throw, and the two were frequent collaborators, notably on Champion Sound. Damn Madlib has a nicer touch than Tiger Woods does with a putter. Always up to par with other producers and recently was able to collab with the great one Talib Kweli on Liberation. Madlib 'The Beat Konducta Movie scenes vol 1-2 is a soundtrack to a movie that doesn't exist. This makes the album quite unique and allows imagery to enter your mind and will let you escape reality. My favourite beat on this soundtrack is "Pyramids" but most of these instrumentals are hot potatoes. Enjoi. And remember dont forget to practice your free steez.

1 The Comeback (Madlib)
2 The Payback (Gotta)
3 Face the Sun (Africa)
4 Open (Space)
5 Tape Hiss (Dirty)
6 Sir Bang (Bounce)
7 Third Ear (More)
8 Stax (Strings)
9 Electric Company (Voltage-Watts)
10 Left on Silverlake (Ride)
11 Painted Pictures (Art)
12 Gold Jungle (Tribe)
13 Offbeat (Groove)
14 Pyramids (Change)
15 Eternal Broadcaster (Authentic)
16 Spanish Bells (High Dreams)
17 The Rock (Humps)
18 Box Top (Cardboard Dues)
19 West Zone (Coastin)
20 Filthy (Untouched)
21 Friends (Foes)
22 Toe Fat (Ghettozone)
23 Money Hugger (Gold Diggin)
24 The Comeup (Come Down)
25 Two Timer (The Pimp)
26 Chopstyle (Suey Blast)
27 Black Mozart (Opus II)
28 Understanding (Comprehension)
29 Snake Charmer (Heads Up)
30 Old Age (Youngblood)
31 Fukwitus (The Eights)
32 African Walk (Zamunda)
33 Whutkanido (Can Do It)
34 The Forest (Greens)
35 Outerlimit (Space Ho)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tribute to J-Dilla


Tuesday, June 12, 2007


This a delicious treat for any beat junkie. Created on his deathbed, Dilla shows why he is revered as one of hip-hop's all-time greatest producers. Dilla was believed to be suffering from a kidney-related illness for some time, dating back to 2004. He was just getting into his groove and got some real industry-wide props and please...a moment of silence and we will have Jay Dee tracks to remember in his memory. RIP Jay Dee and thanks for leaving your listeners with one more bangin' album before your passing. Dont forget to practise your free steez.


1 Donuts (Outro) (0:12)
2 Workinonit (2:57)
3 Waves (1:38)
4 Light My Fire (0:35)
5 The New (0:49)
6 Stop (1:39)
7 People (1:24)
8 The Diff'rence (1:52)
9 Mash (1:31)
10 Time: The Donut Of The Heart (1:38)
11 Glazed (1:21)
12 Airworks (1:44)
13 Lightworks (1:55)
14 Stepson Of The Clapper (1:01)
15 The Twister (Huh, What) (1:16)
16 One Eleven (1:11)
17 Two Can Win (1:47)
18 Don't Cry (1:59)
19 Anti-American Graffiti (1:53)
20 Geek Down (1:19)
21 Thunder (0:54)
22 Gobstopper (1:05)
23 One For Ghost (1:18)
24 Dilla Says Go (1:16)
25 Walkinonit (1:15)
26 The Factory (1:23)
27 U-Love (1:00)
28 Hi. (1:16)
29 Bye. (1:27)
30 Last Donut Of The Night (1:39)
31 Welcome To The Show (1:11)

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Surreal & The Sound Providers- True Indeed

Jay Skills and Soulo, the two-man hip-hop production team have been blessing eardrums since their first release, Dope Transmission b/w The Field, in 1998. Their "backto- basics" format of flavorful beats, scratched choruses, and hype rhymes, garner the Sound Providers a/k/a SP�s an enthusiastic following which continue to grow with each release. In 2001, when faced with the departure of lead emcee, Profile, the SP's moved forward and collaborated with some of their favorite emcees such as Asheru (of Unspoken Heard) and Little Brother to name a few. Recently they�ve teamed up with Tampa Bay emcee Surreal.This longtime hip-hop fanatic has been steadily making moves, paying dues and retiring scores of emcee within a 500 mile radius of his lab in Tampa Bay. A true emcee in every sense of the word, he has the ability to switch from braggadocios battle emcee to soulful and introspective artist with an innate flow that only comes from a gifted and natural performer. Recognizing this raw talent, the SPs quickly teamed up with him and the result is True Indeed, a new album crafted by two of the best producers in the game today.<

This album is full of smooth jazz plus some wildstyle lyrics from Surreal. Soulseek hooked this one up. I recommend every head out there take a peak , Surreal and the sound provders' -True Indeed- doesnt dissapoint.

2.Just getting started
3.The lesson
4.Push on
5.They call me
6.Truth be told
7.Place to be
8.A night to remember
9.Walk in the park
11.Life and rhymes
12.True indeed
13.The rundown

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Brassmunk - Dark Sunrise

BrassMunk is a hip hop group formed in 1997 in Scarborough, Ontario. The group consists of musicians S-Roc, Clip, Agile and Reign.

Brassmunk released a number of independent singles in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and released their first EP, Dark Sunrise, in 2002 on 54th/Virgin Music Canada. The following year, Dark Sunrise was rereleased worldwide on Battleaxe Records as an LP, and included their previous independent releases. "Dark Sunrise" was nominated for Best Rap Recording at the 2004 Juno Awards. Funny thing is my little cuzin used to tell me about his cousin(sroc) who was going to put out a rap album and that the group was called Brassmunk. Little did I know my cousin was actually telling the truth. One day I was watching Rap City on Much Music (Canadian Tv) and up popped a Brassmunk video by the name of El Dorado. El Dorado is a single off Dark Sunrise and is one of the illest on the album. Later they came out with the video for Big which also blew my mind. After calling my cousin a lier he later brought me this album sighned by the whole crew. Anyways now that im done droppin the knowledge check out some more Canadian hip hop and grab this album.

Track Listing

1. Intro
2. Imagine
3. Whistle While You Work
4. El Dorado
5. Oh Supaman
6. Born In Stereo
7. Dedicated 4 U
8. BIG

Pete Rock & CL Smooth - The Main Ingredient

I'll go ahead and state the obvious: Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth never made a bad album. Period. They could probably come back from their 13 year hiatus and dropped another classic as far as I'm concerned. The thing that makes this album great is 1) Pete Rock's immaculate production and 2) C.L.'s flow. You can't say that any of their albums sound like someone elses. CL has a unique format and interesting wordplay that commands attention. Pete Rock is easily one of the top 5 producers in hip hop history and his ear for jazz samples is unmatched to this day. They blend their talents on this album and the songs bleed into each other perfectly. Did I mention how P.R. drops snippets between tracks? Forget about it. He drops just enough to make you crave and come back for more. If you're not instantly feeling this album, your heart isn't beating. I grabbed this ablum back when I was in grade 9 on boxing day christmas. Seriously the album doesnt even have a scratch on it and my word ive played it over 200 times. I'm sure there is going to be madd blogs out there with this one its just I wanted to make sure that heads still had a chance to copp it.

Track Listing

1.In The House
2.Caramel city
3.I Get Physical
4.Sun Won`t Come Out
5.I Got A Love
7.The Main Ingredient
9.All The Places
10.Tell Me
11.Take You There
13.Check It Out
14.In The Flesh
15.Its On You
16.Get On The Mic

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pete Rock- Diggin On Blue

An album for all the jazz heads out there. This album is ridiculoid. From Pete Rocks Famous cuts on Nas' Memory Lane and ATCQ(A tribe called quests)Electric Relaxation too abundance of more jazz hits that the god himself sampled from. This album is tight and very hard to find. From what I hear it was only released in Japan and it is selling on for over $50 bones.
Pete Rock does not dissapoint with this one so grab your 40, spark a blunt, vibe to this and support the elements of real Hip Hop.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Rascalz- Really Livin' *1993*

Rascalz Feat. Barrington Levy & K-Os - Top Of The World

This is a later release from the album Cash Crop

You might be wondering how I came across this album. Anyone who is a Canadian and loves hip hop as much as I do should know about the Rascalz history. Im not going to lie to you I never even knew this album existed. I came across this album at my college one day when a record company came in to sell some cd`s. When I grabbed the album the cash dude didnt even want to sell it to me he had no idea this album was even mixed in with the pile he brought. But I am a digger and I am also very particular on what hip hop sounds good to my ears. This cd is so righteous and is so rare that only a true head like myself could bring it to you live. Really Livin`is from 1993 and brings old school canadian hip hop to a brand new level. Check it ouuuut. As far as the image goes i couldnt find the album cover image anywhere so i just posted the crew at the top of the page.Enjoy!

Track listing
1.Really Livin`
2.Sticky Fingers
4.The Pager
5.The Story Goes
6.Quest For A Rhyme
7.Funky Migraine
8.Frankly Speaking
9.Kingz Of The Castle
10.Funky Needs
11.One For The Road