Saturday, August 18, 2007

DJ Muggs & the GZA - General Principles

"Name a crew that can stop the force that I strike with, let alone try to hold the pen that I write with"

DJ Muggs vs GZA/The Genius - Grandmasters

Two of the biggest names in hip hop collide for an album that will fill your eardrums with hip hop at its finest. Dj muggs the founder of cypress hill and the Wu-Tang Clan’s most prolific lyricist Gza create an album that is classic and will be remembered as one of the best collaboration albums in hip hop history. One reason to grab this record Dj muggs has sold over 1 million records and Gza over 2 million.
Impressive indeed.

Track Listings
1. Opening
2. Those That's Bout It
3. Destruction of a Guard - DJ Muggs, , GZA, Raekwon
4. Exploitation of Mistakes
5. General Principles
6. Advance Pawns - DJ Muggs, , GZA, RZA, Raekwon, Sen Dog
7. Queen's Gambit
8. All in Together Now - DJ Muggs, , GZA, RZA
9. Unstoppable Threats - DJ Muggs, , GZA, Masta Killa, Prodigal Sunn
10. Unprotected Pieces
11. Illusory Protection
12. Smothered Mate

Sunday, August 12, 2007

D.I.T.C - Rare

D.I.T.C-Live at Tramps Ny in Memory of Big L Vol. 2 [Live]

So ive been a fan of D.I.T.C for a long time now and in February I was blessed once again by this cd company who stops off at my college every now and then with "Live at tramps NY". I spent 10$ on this album and it was worth every dollar. Dedicated to the late Big L the D.I.T.C show love to the fans by giving a live performance and releasing the recording. The album stands out with the dope remix produced by Diamond D for "next level" and a couple mean freestyles from Diamond D and Show+Ag plus my favorite track from the team, Lord Finesses "Hip 2 da game". The crowd is pretty wild for D.I.T.C and makes you want to scream with them. So since we couldnt make the show lets support the pioneers of real Hip Hop.

Track Listings
1. Intro
2. Day In The Life
3. Check One Two
4. Freestyle (Yo That's That
5. Best Kept Secret
6. Sally
7. Projects
8. Hiatus
9. Fat Pockets (Rmx)
10. Next Leve (Original/Rmx)
11. Spit
12. Soul Clap
13. Freestyle
14. Funky Technician Baby You
15. Strictly For The Ladies
16. You Know What I'm About
17. Yes You May (Rmx)
18. Actual Facts
19. Hip 2 Da Game

Crown City Rockers - B-Boy

Now thats Hip Hop in its purest form....

Mission - One

Refreshing!Mission! Where did the name come from? The name mission came from Mission Hill in Boston where they all first originated from. Unfortionatley the group is now known as Crown City Rockers. Basically what happened was Mission UK a 60s rock group emailed crown city and told them to change their name because they had more money. Bullshit but whatever. Crown City is another place where they grew up so its still relevant i suppose. But anyways Mission (Crown City)is jazz influenced hip hop and sounds beautiful. The production is A+ and the lyrics are 10/10. Rhyming about all my favourite topics, brew, graff, b-boying and women. Also rhyming about hard times , problems with the girl, family,job or just life in general. I love it. No guns, hatred or ego trippin just feel good , laid back music.
This isnt for everyone, it's for you

Track Listings
1. Intro
2. Contagious *
3. Homework, Pt. 1 - Etch
4. Rockin' It
5. 59 Pontiac
6. Disturbing Behaviour
7. Homework, Pt. 2
8. Now I Shine
9. Mission: 2
10. Hands Up
11. Chocolate Milk and Apricots
12. Transit
13. More Than You Know *
14. Last Night *
15. Homework, Pt. 3
16. BS II MF [Remix]* dope grand puba sample
17. Don't Stop (Interlude)
18. It's The... Listen *
19. [Untitled Hidden Track] -

*=Standout Tracks
Meh, there all dope..

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Ohmega Watts - The Find

The find is a great name for this album because you can tell that this man is a digger and deffiently found some dope records to sample from and to use for this LP.
Ohmega Watts dropped a classic! From beginnning to end this is quality and quantity. There is not one bad track on this! A few interludes which are short. Great beats and this cat can rhyme too! I bought this joint not knowing what I was going to get and I was pleasantly surprised! To all those that sleep....WAKE UP!!! Anyone that's a fan of Pete Rock or DJ Premier or good music in general needs to cop this now! PEACE

Track Listing
1. Intro
2. Where It All Started
3. That Sound
4. You Are Now Tuned In
5. Interlude 1: Journey
6. Full Swing
7. A Request
8. Mind Power
9. Your Love
10. Treasure Hunt
11. Groovin' On Sunshine
12. Interlude 2: At The Oasis
13. The Find
14. Saturday Night Live
15. Interlude 3: The Harder They Come
16. The Treatment
17. Stay Tuned
18. Interlude 4: Ya'll There?
19. Floor Rock
20. Move!
21. Long Ago
22. Outro/Dream On

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Da Bush Babees - (1995) - Remember We (Vinyl, 12'')

So folks, this is the 12" for remember we from Da Bush Babees
. But please show me no credit and make sure you check out where I originally downloaded this from

Da Bush Babees - Ambushed

This trio came out of nowhere with an absolute soundbomb of a single called "swing it" in '94 that blew the roof off. It was in the same vein as H.O.P.-"jump around", with the soul intention to get you amped. The ONLY bad point with this album is, that for some ridiculous reason, they've put a far inferior remix of it onto the album INSTEAD of the original. The scary part is even thats good!! Apart from that its a case of strap on your seat-belt and get ready for an explosive ride. The beats are all neck breakers, only being surpassed by the velocity+ferocity of the 3mc's rhymes. With the exception of 3 tracks "original" (an infectious reggae influenced joint which YTEE shines on), "we run things" (a lovely jazzy track produced by ali shaheed from A.T.C.Q.) and "remember we" (a smooth look back on their lives before they made it) the rest of the album is a b-boy's party album!! Packed with solid banging beats+ amazing lyrics from all 3mc's, you're in for a treat. MR.MAN spits highly intricate, intelligent yet witty+funny flows, LEE MAJORS(KAOS) brings that hard edged, no nonsense battle angle, while YTEE is the reggae / dj element of the group. The standouts are "pon de attack", "original", "get on down", "we run things","remember we", "just cant stand it", "clear my throat" and "swing it".

Track Listings
1. Intro
2. Pon de Attack
3. Put It Down [Soundclash]
4. Original [Rudeboys' Arrivin']
5. Ruff N' Rugged [On Da Radio]
6. Just Can't Stand It
7. Ignorant No It All
8. Hit 'Em Up - Da Bush Babees, , II Unorthodox
9. We Run Things (It's Like Dat)
10. Get on Down
11. Remember We [Bleu Buttaflyze]
12. Clear My Throat (Ya Mammy)
13. Swing It (Jazziness)

Da Bush Babees - Gravity *1996

For starts I would just like to state that for the record this album comes bigger and better than the previous release "Ambushed".
Music should inspire, uplift, make you feel good or atleast give a glimpse to something better. That is what real hiphop does, that is what this album does.
A solid five star effort.
I dig in the crates so you don't have to.

Track Listing

1. Intro
2. Gravity
3. Wax
4. The Beat Down
5. Maybe
6. Three Mc's
7. S.O.S
8. God Complex
9. The Ruler
10. The Ninth Presentation
11. The Love Song
12. Rock Roots
13. In Meh Dreams
14. Melting Plastic
15. Outro