Sunday, August 12, 2007

D.I.T.C-Live at Tramps Ny in Memory of Big L Vol. 2 [Live]

So ive been a fan of D.I.T.C for a long time now and in February I was blessed once again by this cd company who stops off at my college every now and then with "Live at tramps NY". I spent 10$ on this album and it was worth every dollar. Dedicated to the late Big L the D.I.T.C show love to the fans by giving a live performance and releasing the recording. The album stands out with the dope remix produced by Diamond D for "next level" and a couple mean freestyles from Diamond D and Show+Ag plus my favorite track from the team, Lord Finesses "Hip 2 da game". The crowd is pretty wild for D.I.T.C and makes you want to scream with them. So since we couldnt make the show lets support the pioneers of real Hip Hop.

Track Listings
1. Intro
2. Day In The Life
3. Check One Two
4. Freestyle (Yo That's That
5. Best Kept Secret
6. Sally
7. Projects
8. Hiatus
9. Fat Pockets (Rmx)
10. Next Leve (Original/Rmx)
11. Spit
12. Soul Clap
13. Freestyle
14. Funky Technician Baby You
15. Strictly For The Ladies
16. You Know What I'm About
17. Yes You May (Rmx)
18. Actual Facts
19. Hip 2 Da Game