Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Da Bush Babees - Ambushed

This trio came out of nowhere with an absolute soundbomb of a single called "swing it" in '94 that blew the roof off. It was in the same vein as H.O.P.-"jump around", with the soul intention to get you amped. The ONLY bad point with this album is, that for some ridiculous reason, they've put a far inferior remix of it onto the album INSTEAD of the original. The scary part is even thats good!! Apart from that its a case of strap on your seat-belt and get ready for an explosive ride. The beats are all neck breakers, only being surpassed by the velocity+ferocity of the 3mc's rhymes. With the exception of 3 tracks "original" (an infectious reggae influenced joint which YTEE shines on), "we run things" (a lovely jazzy track produced by ali shaheed from A.T.C.Q.) and "remember we" (a smooth look back on their lives before they made it) the rest of the album is a b-boy's party album!! Packed with solid banging beats+ amazing lyrics from all 3mc's, you're in for a treat. MR.MAN spits highly intricate, intelligent yet witty+funny flows, LEE MAJORS(KAOS) brings that hard edged, no nonsense battle angle, while YTEE is the reggae / dj element of the group. The standouts are "pon de attack", "original", "get on down", "we run things","remember we", "just cant stand it", "clear my throat" and "swing it".

Track Listings
1. Intro
2. Pon de Attack
3. Put It Down [Soundclash]
4. Original [Rudeboys' Arrivin']
5. Ruff N' Rugged [On Da Radio]
6. Just Can't Stand It
7. Ignorant No It All
8. Hit 'Em Up - Da Bush Babees, , II Unorthodox
9. We Run Things (It's Like Dat)
10. Get on Down
11. Remember We [Bleu Buttaflyze]
12. Clear My Throat (Ya Mammy)
13. Swing It (Jazziness)

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