Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mission - One

Refreshing!Mission! Where did the name come from? The name mission came from Mission Hill in Boston where they all first originated from. Unfortionatley the group is now known as Crown City Rockers. Basically what happened was Mission UK a 60s rock group emailed crown city and told them to change their name because they had more money. Bullshit but whatever. Crown City is another place where they grew up so its still relevant i suppose. But anyways Mission (Crown City)is jazz influenced hip hop and sounds beautiful. The production is A+ and the lyrics are 10/10. Rhyming about all my favourite topics, brew, graff, b-boying and women. Also rhyming about hard times , problems with the girl, family,job or just life in general. I love it. No guns, hatred or ego trippin just feel good , laid back music.
This isnt for everyone, it's for you

Track Listings
1. Intro
2. Contagious *
3. Homework, Pt. 1 - Etch
4. Rockin' It
5. 59 Pontiac
6. Disturbing Behaviour
7. Homework, Pt. 2
8. Now I Shine
9. Mission: 2
10. Hands Up
11. Chocolate Milk and Apricots
12. Transit
13. More Than You Know *
14. Last Night *
15. Homework, Pt. 3
16. BS II MF [Remix]* dope grand puba sample
17. Don't Stop (Interlude)
18. It's The... Listen *
19. [Untitled Hidden Track] -

*=Standout Tracks
Meh, there all dope..