Thursday, December 25, 2008

Chirstmas Wishin, Sneaker Politicin

Merry Christmas Bonus Present

Eric from When They Reminisce and DJ Ragz from the Jazz Addixx present to you the Preservation mixtape free for download..


Its a nice mix, share it with a friend...

"Throwback" Thursday

Merry Christmas. Dont forget to spike the eggnog.

Lets take it back to 87'
Run D.M.C - Christmas In Hollis

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"Tick Tock" Tuesday

Its Tuesday and the clock is ticking..

Rasco - Global Threat

Rasco - "Global Threat" coming soon...

A dog spelled backwards. In my opinion Rasco is indeed hands down one of the best to come out of Cali. Personally I think Rasco has a simple flow, yet he is still one of those lyricists that will make you click that rewind button. Rasco smashes beats and leaves tracks with a triumphant feeling. His debut album "Time waits for no man" which was released in 1998 by Stones Throw is a classic. Since then hes teamed up with Planet Asia in which the two of them then formed the hip hop duo known as "Cali Agents". Thankfully Rasco has got a new album coming soon. Originally to be released in the summer of 08' its looks as though now it is being pushed back to be released sometime in the new year (2009). His guest features will include a few favorites of mine including Supastition, Royce Da 5'9 and his longtime friend Planet Asia. Also look forward to some production from the infamous Mad Skills. As much as this release will be a global threat for hip hop listeners its also a threat for hip hop cats who have releases coming out in 09 as well, talk about competition. Look out for this one, its sure to be a banger.

The clock is ticking....

Rasco ft Edo G - Gunz still hot

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Favourite Brew Fridays "Bavaria" Feature
Bavaria Premium Lager. Bavaria is brewed in Holland. Its an import over here in Canada and gets rave reviews for its great prices. What you see in the picture above (actual pic) is what I was sipping on last night and most other Fridays as well. A six pack of tall cans 500ml each, runs me 11 dollars which isn't half bad when you think about it. 6 tall cans at 500 ml each is roughly 9 bottles of beer. So when you do the math its an import beer that is pretty much a "dollar a beer" deal. Its 5 % alc and does the trick if you know what I mean.
This is only the pre-game warm up however, its a completely different story when I reach the bar. So if Bavaria is around the way at your corner store or liquor store pick up a case, you wont regret it.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Tick Tock " Tuesday

Its Tuesday and the clock is ticking.

Guru & DJ Solar
Guru 8.0 Lost and Found will be ready for release in March of 2009.

Guru and DJ Solar declared they have decided to join forces once again to release a new album. The new album will be entitled Guru 8.0 Lost and Found. The last time these two teamed up they released a Jazzmatazz Mixtape "Back to the future". This album however Guru has assured his fans that it will not be a "Jazzmatazz" release.

“This is not Hip Hop jazz, this is straight Hip Hop,” Guru explained. “So, lyrically you're going to have that straight Hip Hop element.”

A lot of heads have mixed reviews about Guru straying away from the infamous DJ Premier, but in my opinion its nice to hear a change every now and then. When asked about the album this is what Guru had to say..

“The concept of real Hip Hop had gotten lost. But now it is found again on this record.”

As usual Guru expresses his passion and love for the art which is why no matter what producer hes with, you gotta love him.

The clock is ticking.....

Guru feat. Doo Wop/Production from Solar-Who Got It On Lock

Monday, December 15, 2008

"Mad As Hell" Monday

Its Monday, I'm as "Mad as hell" and I'm not going to take it anymore..

Apple Earbuds

The famous Ipod Earbuds. In case you don't know these are the headphones that a purchased Ipod generally comes with. If you haven't purchased an Ipod and haven't had the chance to experience these headphones let me explain why they make me "mad as hell"...

Recently my Earbuds speakers blew. Like most "true heads" I have back up headphones but thought to myself that replacing the Earbuds would be easy and cheap so why not. I made a trip to the local Best Buy only to be surprised at the how costly the headphones actually were. I thought that a pair would cost me maybe ten bones, 15 dollars max. So when I realized that a set of these "Earbuds" were actually selling for 30 dollars I flipped my lid. I was already surounded by a bunch of best buy employees so I asked them what the deal was...

So one employee who looks like this guy tries to tell me that "oh its because they are apple headphones thats why they are so expensive." Like I didn't know this already, give me a break. My response was "no my friend, its because they are a rip off is why they are expensive!"
True story.

Reasons Why Apple Earbuds = Rip Off
-They fall out of your ears all the time!
-The sound quality is garbage
-They are overpriced, don't believe me? Just click on this link..

So the next time some jerk off best buy employee tries to let Apple take your money here is what you can do..

First you have got to get mad, you've got to say "I'm a human being goddamn it, my life has value!" shout it out loud and see what happens..

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Return

So looks like I finally decided to make my "return" back to the blogging world. Its been a long time since I sat down and put the pen to the paper or fingers to the keys in my case. Ive got a few new tricks up my sleeve for any readers interested in the updates that I will be adding. In addition to the updates I have decided to follow a theme trend for the weekly viewers...


Mad as hell Mondays! I'm really looking forward to this one. Theres a lot for me to rant and rave about and it looks like Mondays are going to be the day to do it. As a reader you'll usually find these posts hip hop/music related although if I am really mad about something you might see me take a different path...


Tick Tock Tuesdays. One of the things I like about hip hop most is that theres always something fresh and new coming out. Whether its monthly,weekly or daily its always there for a hip hop head to grab. I always feel like I am waiting for that new or upcoming album from this artist or that producer. Its always nice to know when such albums are coming out or how long I will have to wait before they are being released. Wait no more, the clock is ticking....


Writer Wednesdays. Theres a bunch of bloggers out there who I was never able to reach for my "conversations with a blogger" posts. I have a few bloggers in mind who I am going to try my best to get in contact with for some interviews. So if its a Wednesday and I have the time you'll most likely find an interview posted on these days..


Throwback Thursdays. Heres where you can find a classic throwback hip hop track. Weather it be a youtube clip or an mp3 you will have something to listen to. However if your looking for that new song by your favorite artist you wont find it here on this day.Nothing past the year 2000 in these posts...


Favorite brew Fridays. Now you might say "how is this relevant to hip hop or music for that matter?" Well, its not really but it will allow you to take a venture through my shopping lists for my favorite brews. You will have the opportunity to leave a comment to recommend a favorite of yours or perhaps even a better beer...


Sloppy Saturdays. Seeing as the night before I would have probably stumbled in around 4 am..Saturdays could get a little sloppy.........

I haven't yet decided whats in store for Sundays. I'm sure I'll think of something but in the meantime come by for a visit during any of the other days of the week to see whats in store for you as the reader. Thats it for now, the party starts Monday.....