Monday, December 15, 2008

"Mad As Hell" Monday

Its Monday, I'm as "Mad as hell" and I'm not going to take it anymore..

Apple Earbuds

The famous Ipod Earbuds. In case you don't know these are the headphones that a purchased Ipod generally comes with. If you haven't purchased an Ipod and haven't had the chance to experience these headphones let me explain why they make me "mad as hell"...

Recently my Earbuds speakers blew. Like most "true heads" I have back up headphones but thought to myself that replacing the Earbuds would be easy and cheap so why not. I made a trip to the local Best Buy only to be surprised at the how costly the headphones actually were. I thought that a pair would cost me maybe ten bones, 15 dollars max. So when I realized that a set of these "Earbuds" were actually selling for 30 dollars I flipped my lid. I was already surounded by a bunch of best buy employees so I asked them what the deal was...

So one employee who looks like this guy tries to tell me that "oh its because they are apple headphones thats why they are so expensive." Like I didn't know this already, give me a break. My response was "no my friend, its because they are a rip off is why they are expensive!"
True story.

Reasons Why Apple Earbuds = Rip Off
-They fall out of your ears all the time!
-The sound quality is garbage
-They are overpriced, don't believe me? Just click on this link..

So the next time some jerk off best buy employee tries to let Apple take your money here is what you can do..

First you have got to get mad, you've got to say "I'm a human being goddamn it, my life has value!" shout it out loud and see what happens..


Travis said...

I didn't even fuck with the Apple earbuds when I bought my iPod. I have a pair of JVC HA-FX66 earbuds and I've never had a better pair of headphones. They sound great, nice deep bass, and clear sound. I have a pair of big Bose that someone gave me, and to me, the JVCs sound better than the Bose.

They do have their problems. While they don't fall out of my ears, the rubber pieces come off a lot. I've been lucky not to lose one. They don't seem very durable either. I have electric tape holding together the jack to the rest of the cord and then last week, the plastic casing on one of the buds came off and doesn't want to go back on. So I'm due for some new ones. And they run about $35 bucks or so, but I've learned that the cheap headphones sound just that way, cheap.

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