Saturday, October 6, 2007

Do you still love her?

Yo I love Hip Hop! It speaks to me, it nourishes my soul, it keeps me moving and thanks to the right samples it is always introducing me to different genres of music. Do you feel the same way? Do you watch B.E.T or do you boycott the artists they support and switch the channel right away? Does all of your favorite rappers, emcees and lyricists rap about topics that relate to you and your lifestyle? Do you enjoy the sound of a piano, guitar, saxophone, trumpet, drum, a kick and a snare a scratch from a vinyl or even a female vocalist for that matter? Do you think of hip hop as an art form or is it just something you enjoy because your friends seem to like it? Do you believe Kool Herc is just another name for Hercules or one of the illest hip hop DJ/party thrower the Bronx ever experienced? Is hip hop something you think you will grow out of and never look back on or will you remember that hip hop was there for you, helped you keep cool, inspired you to understand why the world moves on it's axis and why it made you smile every time you heard a new track from your favourtie artist? Did you start out by listening to Souls Of Mischief or did your hip hop experience begin when 50 cent formed G-unot? Did you ever walk 5km to the cd store to support an artist, or did you see a music video for a track you liked and said "Shit..better turn on limewire and download that track, that shit was ill." Did you only bump mix tapes growing up or was it understood that to understand an artists point of view in his raps you needed to listen to the full album!? Is hip hop a hobby, a pass time or just another way to break the silence? Is spray paint only for construction or can it also be used for expression? Is style wars a documentary or something that Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie have every time before they get there slut movement on?

So with all of these questions above and with the correct answers whos to say hip hop is dead? If it still runs through your body like water in a boxer it is in fact still alive and well. Perhaps hip hop is dead but does that mean you should just forget about where it originated and why? Jesus Christ him self resurrected and one day so will hip hop.
Mark my words. I used to love her?
I still do!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Invisible Handz

Invisble handz from Scienz of Life , makes a beat in front of your very eyes.
I saw this about 6 months ago and every now and then I come back to it on you tube and get my fix. Its truly Amazing. Anyone know the sample?

Monday, October 1, 2007

Concrete Click - Lyrical Terrorism (EP)

Posting. A request for My friend "Illustrious" from .
I dont know much about these dudes. This album for once is not from the collection of legit albums that I do own. This one fell into my hardrive in April.I know that the group is from Boston and from my understanding are quite the legends. It shows and proves on this EP. My favourite track on this album is "Keep it street". The production is safe and the lyrics are raw meat. Be sure to grab this while you can.

Track Listing

01 - Intro
02 - Gone With The Wind
03 - Where You At
04 - Naive To The Facts
05 - Keep It Street
06 - Interlude
07 - Criminal
08 - Keep It Street (Remix)
09 - Can't Get Enough
10 - Outro