Saturday, December 20, 2008

Favourite Brew Fridays "Bavaria" Feature
Bavaria Premium Lager. Bavaria is brewed in Holland. Its an import over here in Canada and gets rave reviews for its great prices. What you see in the picture above (actual pic) is what I was sipping on last night and most other Fridays as well. A six pack of tall cans 500ml each, runs me 11 dollars which isn't half bad when you think about it. 6 tall cans at 500 ml each is roughly 9 bottles of beer. So when you do the math its an import beer that is pretty much a "dollar a beer" deal. Its 5 % alc and does the trick if you know what I mean.
This is only the pre-game warm up however, its a completely different story when I reach the bar. So if Bavaria is around the way at your corner store or liquor store pick up a case, you wont regret it.


Travis said...

I've been meaning to check that shit out...hmmm, might have to over the holidays.

Please tell me that is one of your pictures down at the bottom. That is insane and an excellent prank. I'd be worried about them moving before you got all the bottles done though

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