Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"Tick Tock" Tuesday

Its Tuesday and the clock is ticking...

Exile- Radio

Exile- "Radio"
January 20th 2009

Exile is a talented producer who has overtime learned to play numerous instruments. His talent has shined all over the hip hop scene but was first witnessed when he did an album with Aloe Blacc. Travis from WYDU has mentioned in his previous posts that he was a fan of exile before Blu's "Below the heavens" hype started. Without sounding like a copy cat, the same goes for me. When I first started finding outlets to the underground scene one of the first of many albums I was able to get my hands on was Emanon (aloe blacc + exile) "The Waiting Room". That album had plenty of rotation in my Sony disc man back in 05'. As much as I like Aloe Blacc as a Lyricist I'm pretty sure it was Exiles production that reeled me in. Long story short, Ive been a fan of Exile ever since and I'm happy to announce that hes got another one coming. Exactly one week from today Exile will release to my knowledge his 2nd solo effort entitled "Radio". I don't have a track list for this one yet so I'm not sure if they're will be any guest features. What I do know however is that Exile created this album entirely from sampling Los Angeles AM/FM airwaves. Isn't that crazy? Exile has been known to be creative before but damn, now hes reached the pinnacle. I cant wait to hear it and I recommend everyone who is a true head out there check this one out when it releases.

The clock is ticking...

Exile - Radio Teaser
VIMBY - Teaser: Exile