Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sloppy Saturday "Cougar" edition

Yes! The first edition of "Sloppy Saturdays". Heres whats in store today. Freddie Joachim put together yet another great compilation of his finest instrumentals. He caught a lot of flack for his last free instrumental cover so this time he came with an astonishing more subtle approach. Freddie decided to call this one "cougar". Now when I think of the word "cougar" usually an image like this comes to mind ...

*Stiflers Mom* gets her "cougar" on in this famous scene from American Pie..

I guess our man Freddie had other things on his mind at the time. If he ever decided to release a "Cougar" instrumentals vol 2 he could add this image to his list of profound cover pics...

Anyway, all jokes aside this one is dope. Make sure you grab it while it lasts.

Freddie Joachim - Cougar

Track List
1) All together
2)And You Don't Stop
3)For The Sun
4)Get Back
6)Joy & Pain
7)Paper Cuts
8)School Daze
9)Sum Of One
10)Summertime *Listen*
11)Sunday Haze
12)The Delight