Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sloppy Saturday "I Rap Now" Edition

came by my school last week and handed out pamphlets to raise awareness for his new EP entitled "IRAPNOW". He approached me and said "hey I'm a rapper come by the site and support some real hip hop" I replied "ha ha yea me too man" thinking that this man was nothing but a joke. I approached him after and handed him a link for "Brewrhymeswithcrew" and told him to stop by so I could set up an interview. I guess my blog wasn't good enough because so far he is a no show. Anyway, I went by his site and sure enough this man has lots of potential and is working his way up to stardom.

Famous - IRAPNOW EP (hosted by Clinton Sparks)

Free Download

Hailing from Toronto Canada it appears Famous has been doing some big things. I find it hard to believe he slipped by me during 2008 because he even released a track with Canada's favourite Kardinal Offisshall.

FAMOUS - Ain't No Use (Official Music Video)

Im feeling this joint right here.
Dont hate him because he "rhymes different".

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TrueUSHipHop said...

Keep pestering him.... he'll do the interview!