Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"Tick Tock" Tuesday

Its Tuesday and the clock is ticking..

Cage - Depart from me

Cage- "Depart from me"
June 29th 2009

Cage began his career with the infamous record entitled Agent Orange. It had huge success and gave cage a cult following in the NY underground scene. He became well known and in 2004 signed with the ever popular record label Def Jux. He released Hells Winter in 2005 and was nominated for an MTVu video award the following year with his music video for "Shoot Frank". Cage has matured over the years and is progressively becoming more involved with establishing his career as an artist. This June he has decided to release his newest album entitled Depart From Me. Cage gets into the reasoning behind the name for the album in this interview from Hip Hop Official..

There is some people who have mixed reviews about this album. Some fans are still stuck on the fact that Cage has evolved into a more mature artist and are worried he is straying away from his original roots. I enjoyed his last album "Hells Winter" thoroughly and expect the same amount of intensity to carry over to his newest album "Depart From Me". I believe as an artist he is growing strong and deserves more credit for his creativity and expansion in this Hip Hop world we fans live in.

The clock is ticking...

Cage- I Never Knew You (Cameo Appearance from Shia La Beuf)