Monday, May 25, 2009

Mad As Hell Monday "Bandwagon" edition

Mad as hell.
Its been a minute since I did one of these posts & since I'm fuming I figure its about time.

Rashad Evans vs Lyoto Machida

It was a big weekend for Dana White's Ultimate Fighting Championship. Two headline fights took place for UFC 98. Rashad Evans and Lyoto Machida was the main event. Going into this fight Rashad had a huge following. There was a lot of people who had questionable outcomes for what might happen in this fight, Machida hungry for a win and Rashad putting his title on the line.

First of all, this was an exciting matchup.Both men being undefeated made this match that much more exciting. I wont front, I am a big fan of Rashad Evans and have been since his earlier days on the second season of Spike's tv series The Ultimate Fighter. I appreciate his stand up game and think he is a solid contender for his place in the UFC.

I'm also a big fan of Lyoto Machdia. I first witnessed Machida when he fought Tito Ortiz back at UFC 84 and it was then Lyoto had earned a great deal of respect from me.

I was rooting for Rashad during this fight and honestly thought that he was going to be able to pull off a big win. Rashad came into the fight with his regular stance, fast moving hands and stern looking face. He threw a couple punches trying to find his reach while Machida stood strong with his rare Karate stance. The fight soon went into the second round where Machida tagged Rashad with what looked to be a straight left puch. They both went to the ground and Rashad soon got back up to his feet. Unfortunatley Rashad was still stunned and was put up against the cage with Machdia throwing hands from all different angles. Rashad went down hard, like a ton of bricks if you will.

Now I'm ok with the outcome. You cant win them all and I understand that. What I have a problem with is the typical band wagoners who are jumping all over Machida and immediately started acting like Rashad never had a chance and has yet to prove himself in the octagon. Give me a break. Before this fight Rashad had a well deserved fan base and now it seems they have all disappeared.

If there is one thing I cant stand its people who jump on bandwagons. Rashad has given many loyal UFC fans great fights and its hard to believe people have already forgotten. But thats how these people work I guess. Ruthless I say, ruthless.

The Fight for anyone who missed it...
Rashad Evans Vs. Lyoto Machida
UFC 98
click here

Congrats to the new Light Heavy Weight champion "Karate Master"
Lyoto Machida.


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