Friday, February 27, 2009

Niagara Falls Flowing, This Blog Is Growing!

I know. Its been a long neglectful period. The last post I did was in January and I would hate to miss out on February altogether so I think its time I did a post.


Blu - Amnesia
Her Favourite Colour Mixtape
This one here is a neck breaker. The sample used on this track fits the melody perfect and Blu keeps on track with a catchy flow as usual. Some people weren't feeling this mix tape, even die hard fans.
I on the other hand don't think its all that bad. Check it out.

Crayz Walz ft. swave sevah - Family Crest
Who The F@#k Are You
Talk about dedication. Not only did Crayz show his efforts were dedicated on his new album by giving us a banger but he also showed dedication with the track Family Crest. In case you didn't notice the whole track outlines Gangstarr's (Guru and Dj Premier) timeline from Step In The Arena all the way up to Full Clip. Its truley an amazing track with a strong message. The beat is something from out of this world and bumps hard when volume is on max. Do you know what DYWK means?

Chasing 1988 - Intro Ft. 6th Sense
Mick Boogie & Adele
Mick Boogie did a real nice job remixing Adele. This particular track isn't even my favorite from the album but its the most "hip hop" for anyone who is interested. This girl has a got an amazing voice. I was watching the Grammys a few weeks back and that's when I became turned on by her sound. It was nice to see her win a Grammy aside from all of the other mainstream garbage that all sounds the same. Shes only 21 hense the number 1988 (my age) and I'm sure it was a night for her to remember. Bringing 88 back.

Radix- Step Forward
The Radix
Radix consists of SEEK and Quite Nyce. Ive been following them for about a year now and a few weeks ago they blessed us with another mixtape. I cant quite understand why some groups decide to put out mixtape after mixtape when its clear they have what it takes to release a full length album. Then again I am not an artist I am a writer and not even a very good one at that (haha). Anyways, this track is smooth. It puts you in that easy mind state we all love after a hard days work. Sit down and enjoy.

Raphael Saadiq - 100 yard dash
The Way I See It
Speaking of Grammys this man was ripped off. He was nominated for best R&B performance by a group or a duo and was beat out by John Legend. Who is John Legend? Ok, ok I know who he is and he did win the award with Al Green so I suppose Raphael had a long shot in order to win the award, but I still wish he did. This a great album for anyone who likes a little soul in their life.

Jean Grae & BSBD - Away With Me
The Evil Jeanius
I'm loving this track right here. The instrumental is very touching, Blue Sky Black Death never disappoints. Jean Grae has some very moving lyrics and this track brings images into my head that only I can witness. The album itself is a fantastic listening experience that I recommend every one out there give a spin.

P.OS. - Optimist (we are not for them)
Never Better
This album is to me what cake is to a fat kid. In other words im loving it. Its so nice to hear experimental stuff every now and then. Im sure there is some people out their saying this isnt hip hop or near close to it. I personally think that this album is hip hop and all of the above. Which means it really doesn't have to fall in the category of Hip Hop. It can fall into many different genres/types of music. In my opinion its better for your music if your outlets are bigger than just the average hip hop head. All im saying is give it a chance and dont just turn your nose up at it. Its funny because everything I just wrote in this paragraph has to do with the track I posted. Take a listen and see for your self.

Thats all I really have for now, in the mean time please check out some of these blogs ...


Travis said...

I'll have to check that Radix mixtape, can't say I've heard anything from them.

I'm still getting my bearings on the Blu mixtape as well....I'm sure it'll sink in here pretty soon.

Nice tracks though all the way around

BRANDONIAN 'the talking head said...

Thanks for stopping by man, means alot to me.

Dart Adams said...

Radix are from my neck of the woods. They get overlooked here but they're dope.


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