Monday, March 31, 2008

Put Your Head Phones On

So today I decided to get dirty with Zshare and up some music I have been listening to over the past few weeks. I have wanted to use zshare for a long time now, but I never really thought I could pull it off. Here goes nothing....

Silent Knight ft. Emilio Rojas Aka Raks One - Reach

Silent Knight's Restoration was an album I anticipated ever since I listened to his last album "Hunger Strike". In 2007 Silent Knight signed to Rawkus 50 which in my opinion made this album that much better. Reach is the track Ive selected to present as a favorite which features Emilio Rojas who is better known as Raks one. The track touches base on both artists perspective and what they are trying to gain from the hip hop industry. The beat is a remix by M-Phazes and includes a nice soulful sample for everyone to enjoy. If you haven't checked out "Restoration" from Silent Knight I fully recommend it.

Gnotes ft. Kabir - Tower of Babylon

is an emcee who I came across over at WYDU a couple months back. He is a teacher of revolutionary ideas and revolutionary music. Tower of Babylon is one of the tracks off his album "Beats and Rhymes" I found interesting. After taking one listen it left me saying damn, why didn't I have any teachers like notes' throughout high school? Tower of Babylon emphasizes that instead of thinking only of yourself all the time it is important to remember we are all one. One problem with the music industry today is too many artists are high on themselves and only speak about expensive items while poor people starve which in turn leaves the listener thinking this is perfectly normal.
People of all ages, make sure you check out Gnotes - Beats and Rhymes for a great listen and overall a better way of living.

"Live life through the pain and struggle, build strength and find your hustle, you don't always have to flex your muscles give back to your people take care of your people."

Mellow Drum Addict & Short Stop ft. Lord Zen and Jasper Brown - Could Have

Heres a track from Mellow Drum Addict & Short Stop's album Fire Escape Artists. "Could Have" was a favorite of mine because it focuses on the struggles of everyday life problems. Some days are tougher than others and lets face it, sometimes you want to throw the towel in. This track is a confession from the artists admitting how close they've all came to giving up but decided that in the end it wouldn't be worth it. Check it out, and if you decide you really like the track pick up the album, apparently all proceeds go to to help feed some unfortunate children.

The Oddities - Coming Down

This is an older album I have decided to give a few spins lately. Oddities are a crew from Toronto Ontario Canada who released "The Scenic Route" in September 2003. The past week I have listened to "Coming Down" numerous times and cant seem to get the beat out of my head. The track itself will grab hold of you and have you listening to it over and over again. If you enjoy this track make sure you check out Oddities myspace for more.

Bless 1- We

This is Bless 1's "We" from his recent album Starving Artist. The beat is crisp and the lyrics are fresh. The hook is contagious and the lyrics are intelligent wise. Listen up!

Surreal, Braille and Ohmega Watts - Worlds Apart

As soon as I found out Surreal, Braille and Ohmega Watts collaborated on an album together I knew I had to get my hands on it. Four Days In Geneva is filled with bangers but "Worlds Apart" is the track that grabbed my attention the most. I think everyone knows how it feels to be homesick, as do plenty of emcees in the hip hop industry. For anyone who has a bad case of homesickness this track is definitely one to reflect on. The beat is flawless and the lyrics are from the heart. Be sure to check this one out, positive hip hop at its best!

Del the funky Homosapien ft. K.U. - Last Hurrah

Easy tiger. 11th hour is not the best album Del has released but in my opinion a few to many critics need to relax. I have been a huge fan of Del's work ever since I was 14. Del introduced me to many different genres of music and not to mention the infamous Hieroglyphics crew. There is no way I could ever bash Del for releasing an album that he felt was right. Del plays music that feels good, not because it sells. He is the first one to say his music is far from perfect, and I respect him for that and so should a lot of other heads out there. That being said Last Hurrah was a track that brought me back to the older Del and introduced me to the new and improved Del all at the same time. It features K.U. on both the lyrics and the production. Open your mind and check out some new Del.

Bluesky Blackdeath- Days are years

Nothing better than a 6 minute instrumental to start the day off. Bluesky Blackdeath are really bringing some fire to the game. The instrumentals from "A heap of broken images" are flawless. They bring more than hip hop to their beats and do a great job at keeping the listener entertained. Make sure you check their new album when it drops. I see big things happening for these guys in the future.

1773-constant motion

Some more positive hip hop for your ears. Another solid hip hop duo out of Chicago IL. 1773 is the area code for Chicago as well. This album is very energetic and at the same time very soulful. Constant Motion is about finding your mission in life and pursuing your dreams. If only MTV and BET played more inspirational hip hop like 1773, im telling you if they did you would see big changes. Anyways, check it out and be sure to hit their myspace up!

Dutchmassive ft. Surreal- Life lines

Are you a fan of crispy piano beats? Well your in for a treat. Life Lines is one of those tracks that I don't think I can ever get sick of. It is interesting to note that Dutchmassive is famous for his wild lyrics where as Surreal is better known for hisspiritual reference lyrics. Either way they both kill the track and the beat just makes it that much better. If you enjoy it as much as I did, grab the album.


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