Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune

Track Listing
1.Can You Hear Me
2.The Interview
3.Problems (ft. Scheme and Decay)
4.Broken Dreams
5.Panik Attack
6.Microphone Check
7.Life Aint Sweet (ft. Termanology)
8.No Patience
9.Light Em' Up


As of today its been approximately two weeks since Astonish dropped "From Now Until Forever". So my question is why has this not been posted on the the big boy blogs out there that support real hip hop? I Know there is some other heads saying the same thing and the only answer I have for you is perhaps they just forgot. When I first glimpsed Astonish over at WYDU I was going crazy for the next couple of weeks reminding myself that the day was coming soon when I would be able to grip the album. There was also a lot of hype after people viewed "Can you hear me?" by Astonish where heads were even comparing him to a more advanced Lupe Fiasco. Coincidently both emcees are from Chicago where there has always been a lot of hidden talent. I cant cover every emcee who has come up from Chicago but I can sure name a few who I have come across as of lately..

Kaso vs. Kwote (One of the best battles I have seen in a while)

Jam One (Part of Top Notch Artist Crew) Beat kicker and Turntablist

Astonish (Molemen Crew) Can you hear me?

Visual (Signed to Rawkus 50) Blues From Chicago

Kid Static and Phero Tha Ill - Chicago Freestyle Cypher

Yea Big + Kid Static - The Life Here

Phero Tha Ill - Hip Hop Lives?

Qwel (One of the illest) and Jam one




Juan said...

thanks for posting up some of my youtube clips, glad you enjoy the shit we do out here in chicago! wooooooo! ...... peaceages! -JAM ONE

Anonymous said...
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ILLustrious said...

yo this is one helluva Chi-Town post man!
i grabbed a few of the albums you listed and the videos were tight!
keep doin your thing dude

nuff props! peace

and peace to JAM ONE above me!

Anonymous said...

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