Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Prince Ali

Prince Ali! It seems to have taken me longer than I expected to give the respect this man deserves on this blog. As you all know I'm Canadian, which is why when cats like this come from my homeland and a city so close to mine it puts a big fat grin on my face. I mean honestly, there has been so many great artists that have approached the microphone and have gave it a blessing almost 99.9% of the time but have been refused by labels across the border. Its disgusting.I would rant and rave about this concept all day but I believe I will save it for another post. Maybe it could go a little something like this "Why it sucks being a Canadian in the hip hop game" ;). Anyways here is a link for the album in which I feel bad distributing because it is well worth the money. So how about if you really dig the album you buy it from P.A's myspace. Here is both links. Also big up to Incise for the quality production of the beats he provided that sound eerily similar to ol' skool beats from the 90's. Don't get it confused, this is Price Ali from Toronto,Canada. Not the Prince Ali from Cali.

Free sample



Rap Authour/On our way

Movements Feat.Kev Brown

Tragedy Khadafi & P.A. [Prince Ali] - Righteous Scrolls

P.S I also miss 1994....