Wednesday, December 5, 2007

An Ode To The Brew "A.O.T.T.B"

Ever since I saw Travis' helpful post on Cheap Summer Drinking Ive been inspired to do one of my own. So here goes nothing.

What up kings? I hope some readers are ready to "Get your girl in the mood quicker, make your jimmy thicker, St. Ides”!
Lets get down to business. Why would it not surprise me if every reader that has stopped by my blog has had a sip or taste of St.Ides? Shit, I was drinking the stuff when I was 14, back in those days that I now refer to as the "damn why I didn’t think of my future" days. My first experience with brew was in fact St.Ides. It was the beginning of my high school career around mid October. Some lady friends decided to form a function of no more than 30 people to meet in a park near by the school and have an all out drinking fest. We followed the same trend as most people do when they are underage trying to get there hands on some brew. We stole it. Kidding. I guess I have to thank the girls I was chasing because they were able to hook us up! Thank god for those older dudes who stuck by their motto when they said age is only a number. Ha-ha. From then on it was nothing but $5 40 ounce weekends.

"Hey mom"?
"Yea sweetie"?
"Can I borrow 5 bucks for a movie tonight"?
"Of course, here take 20"
"Thanks mom"
"Oh ya, mom"?
"Is it okay if I see a late show I shouldn't be later than 12:30"?
"That’s fine with me, take your key and be safe".

Little harsh I suppose, but she still loves me. Surprisingly me and my friends got ridiculed one night for drinking St.Ides. We were at a party and when we showed up all we saw was older kids, older kids with O.E's and backpacks full with paint markers and spray cans. Typical Heads. Snap! I don't know what the big deal was but I’m assuming it was because they all recently watched the movie menace to society. From then on it was Olde English. St. Ides was second on the list. But coincidently this brew introduced me into freestyle sessions. Out at the house parties or known drinking spots for under age kids is where I first witnessed a live beat box and freestyle. Ciphers and battles. I was only in grade 9 at the time so all I could do was stand back and listen. It was nice to realize the difference between a wack rap and a dope verse. Watching these dudes flow, some whom I’m still friends with today, helped me understand a lot of important elements. It was also exciting being able to watch these guys tag or paint almost anything in sight. Then of course there was that one time where I vomited all over my city because I thought a slice of pizza all day would tide me over before drinking a bottle. I’m sure now a days I could wake up and pound one on an empty stomach, but when your young, skinny and stupid your chances of staying on your feet are limited. Oh well, live and learn right?

So it turns out the beverage made me think when it came to chilling with friends, meeting new people, getting in or out of trouble and most important HIP HOP. By the way I haven't had a 40 of malt liquor in a very,very long time.

Quick Facts

-St. Ides Special Brews" have a variety of flavorings, including mint and various fruit flavors, to the beer.
-St. Ides brand has made use of celebrity endorsements by rappers in the past
-Chuck D appeared in a St. Ides advertisement once, but sued the brand's then-owner, the McKenzie River Brewing Company, for using his voice without his permission; he had long taken a strong stance against malt liquor advertising.
-Rap group Luniz were known admirers of the drink, as stated in there song I Got 5 On It..

I do my homework...

St.Ides Commercial Throwbacks..

Promo Tape for St.Ides

Tupac And Snoop



Ice Cube


DJ Pooh

King Tee

On one last note I highly doubt you would ever see promotion like this ever again on TV. As ill and creative as it was you always have to deal with the stereotypes running around making everybody fearful, cautious and curious. Its unfortunate but then again, monkey see monkey do!

Peace and don't drink and drive. Do what I do..

Walk home and pass out on your neighbors lawn


Go home with a questionable broad..It makes for an interesting story the next morning


What It Is said...

I'm here every day dunny. This one brought me back too. I was a C forty fithim guy myself. With a spokesman like Billy Dee it does actually work every time.

Travis said...

Covered the St. Ides well, when I skipped over it. Don't know why, but I never fucked with the crooked I. Strictly OE for me, drink 'em down until I pee upon a tree.....

Yeah, I don't plan on quitting my day job...or wait...I don't plan on picking up the mic anytime soon...haha

BRANDONIAN 'the talking head said...

St. Ides in my system
crack another im blessed, lets go get another one!
Nice comments boys..glad we can all relate!

Anonymous said...

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