Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Prince Paul- People searching for peace of mind through Itstrumental

Prince Paul was asked to make this instrumental album with no budget and limited resources. All Paul had was a pile of useless tracks from the 80's to the new millennium to create this wicked piece of art. He went through with his mission and produced some really dope beats. He even attempted to use all live instruments on "Live @ 5" which actually turned out sounding pretty ill. I feel as though Prince Po has been over looked by the Pete Rock,Large Pro and Jay Dee fans because you never see his name pop up on top producers / beat makers of all time or even mentioned on most blogs out there. So Ive decided to grab this album off the shelf and give it a chance to be heard on the blog scene for the true heads. The album consists of great piano keys, dope drum patterns and a few guitar riffs. Prince Paul said this album was more than instrumentals and that it was more like skitstrumentals because of the funky samples of funny comedians and movie snippets that seem to occur throughout the entire album. From 88' to now Prince Paul brings together an unheard collection of beats, skits and tracks to cure all the dumb toys lacking out in the rapping industry. My favourite tunes from this album would be "It's A Stick Up" "Flattery" "My Friend The Popmaster" "El Ka Bong" "Yes, I Do Love Them Ho's!" and last but not least "The Night My Girlfriend Left Me". And If your having girl troubles make sure you check out "Flattery". Pure genius!

"That fear of voice in your head that always stops you will give you a dozen reasons not to approach a woman, if you go ahead and do it anyway you'll master that fear and then you'll have all the women you can handle. So here's what to do. Tell yourself the truth, that women want to be approached, they think its flattering."

Track Listing
1. MVU (Act 1)
2. It's A Stick Up
3. Flattery (feat. Steinski)
4. My Friend The Popmaster
5. Inside Your Mind (feat. Mr. Dead / MC Paul Barman)
6. El Ka Bong
7. MVU (Act 2)
8. Yes, I Do Love Them Ho's!
9. What Are You Afraid Of?
10. I Want You (I'm An 80's Man) (feat. Bimos)
11. Profit
12. The Boston Top (feat. Mr. Dead / Newkirk)
13. MVU (Act 3)
14. And The Winner Is?
15. Gangsta's My Style
16. The Night My Girlfriend Left Me (feat. MC Paul Barman)
17. Live @ 5
18. MVU (Final Act)
19. Think or Die


thebeathunters said...

hi too bad it's wma format...

Skylar said...

Paul is definitely a former top 5 or 3 producer. Aint done shit for me in awhile but he has a fabulous body of work that I will always treasure.

Redwings, they do a detroiter proud.

St. Catharines is fun when the regattas is on n' poppin'.

Anonymous said...

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