Monday, November 12, 2007

Loose Change - Final Cut


Its here. Loose Change "The final cut". Released coincidentally on November 11th, Veterans day in the U.S. and Remembrance day here in Canada. There is a war going on for your mind. Step out of the box and learn the truth. Dylan Avery and Jason Bermas team up with Alex Jones from and bring you the final cut of the flawless version of how 9/11 really occurred and the possible facts on why the events on this day happened in the first place. I say flawless because finally the creators of loose change were able to create a version which cannot be interpreted. The documentary expresses how worthless the so called 9/11 Commission Report was and that the novel was nothing but a waste of paper. The world is not perfect. The number 1 country in this world is trying to grasp global control. The facts are there so please do not hate on me for making this statement. In other words a New World Order. The leader of that country needs to be impeached. Today. What is happening over in Iraq is wrong! Innocent men,women, children and baby's are dying. Not to mention all of the innocent lives of troops that have been taken for a purpose that involves nothing but a natural resource. Of course the resource is worth money , otherwise there would be no point in fighting right George? Wrong. Racism, religion and politics also play a huge role in the shiesty events taking place across seas. You could say "Well how about those weapons of mass destruction found over in Iraq"? Here is my answer "Bullshit"! Why did I choose that response? Because they never found shit! Again the facts back me up on that one to , so please no rebuttal. The ending scene of innocent civilians bloodied up and crying in this documentary almost made me bust a tear. It didn't happen. Only because I remembered there is still a chance for change. It is not over yet. Only the truth can set us free. Thankfully its all here in this video. The controlled demolition, the facts that state the U.S. Govt trained fellow Alqueada who attacked the United States and of course the wrongful doing of the cleanup after the events of 9/11 that also lead to harmful deaths.

I could loose a lot of respect for my blog with this post, but I stand strong in my position of being anti- Bush along with his affiliates and feel strongly that the truth needs to be exposed.

Here is a little sample.


Martin said...

My mind isn't made up about all this. I've heard the arguments and listened to people like Alex Jones. It's not that hard to make a good looking movie claiming almost anything based on a carefully selected patchwork of largely unsubstantiated evidence. Michael Moore has made a career of it, albeit while raising many valid points. I'm perfectly ready for ugly truths, I just find it hard to get behind a bunch of rabid conspiracy theorists.

Anonymous said...

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