Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Krs One - Prophets vs Profits

Damn! I heard this album at my buddys house this past weekend. We were sippin some brews and playing some videos games for ol time sake. A couple blunts were passed and we knew it was time for some beats. So I chose this album out of my buddys cd book. I couldnt believe my ears. And to hear Krs say on the album that he made it over one weekend blew my mind. I actually had the chance to see Krs live in Toronto in October and im sure he performed some of these tracks but I was probably just to bombed to remember. But what I really cant belive is that "Ova Here" (Famous Nelly diss) is actually on one of his albums. I always thought it was a track only found on mixtapes. A couple more tracks i was fond of were "My People", "I Remember" (With a sample of Aretha Franklin)and "Believe It". So for any real hip hop fan check it out and copp a download while you can.

Track Listing
1. Ova Here
2. Things About to Change
3. Splash
4. My People
5. Kreditz
6. I Remember
7. Down the Chart
8. So You Really Don't Want It
9. Womanology
10. 2nd Kreditz
11. Stop It - KRS-One, Mad Lion
12. Problemz
13. Believe It

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