Tuesday, July 17, 2007

ERULE - Cold Currentz

"The album represents my way of life, and different things that I've experienced. It speaks on growing up, family, false friendships, running the streets, death of loved ones and things I go through in my walks of life. It's a self expression as well as being something that I'm giving back," he says. "It's for everyone, and might open people up to things that they never think about, to new understanding, to a new way of life, to the sciences." The core essence of his work he explains is "To teach freedom, justice and equality. And to give people an understanding of who they truly are and what their purpose is in life; being the soul controllers of our existence through supreme intelligence." It's these basic axiomatic principles that are always involved in his musical expression. "The expression-- it's life itself, and that's what I speak about. It's all mathematics and mathematics is life. Every song on Cold Currentz represents something different, you know, everything." - Equality Rule

Track Listing:
1 Intro (Cold Currentz)
2 One Rule
3 Agony
4 Rise
5 The real me
6 Clowning
7 Rum & Coke
8 (Interlude)
9 Sunshine
10 What is Life
11 Determined
12 All in All
13 Technicality
14 Only if you knew
15 Crimm intro
17 Deceit
18 Milestone
19 Sabotage
20 Here it is
21 Nik Luv R.I.P.