Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Rascalz- Really Livin' *1993*

Rascalz Feat. Barrington Levy & K-Os - Top Of The World

This is a later release from the album Cash Crop

You might be wondering how I came across this album. Anyone who is a Canadian and loves hip hop as much as I do should know about the Rascalz history. Im not going to lie to you I never even knew this album existed. I came across this album at my college one day when a record company came in to sell some cd`s. When I grabbed the album the cash dude didnt even want to sell it to me he had no idea this album was even mixed in with the pile he brought. But I am a digger and I am also very particular on what hip hop sounds good to my ears. This cd is so righteous and is so rare that only a true head like myself could bring it to you live. Really Livin`is from 1993 and brings old school canadian hip hop to a brand new level. Check it ouuuut. As far as the image goes i couldnt find the album cover image anywhere so i just posted the crew at the top of the page.Enjoy!

Track listing
1.Really Livin`
2.Sticky Fingers
4.The Pager
5.The Story Goes
6.Quest For A Rhyme
7.Funky Migraine
8.Frankly Speaking
9.Kingz Of The Castle
10.Funky Needs
11.One For The Road



Cbet said...

Dope find man. This album is hard to cop, I didn't even know it was possible to track down outside of western Canada. The Rascalz were the shit back in the day and they have brought up the likes of Kardinal and Swollen Members. Represent that Van City hip hop!

Any Means... said...

i remember a dope-ass track from these cats from tha 94-95 era, i think it was called "blind to the science." any1 seen it/heard it/upped it? it was ILL!
keep on keepin' on!

Brandon said...

Any Means...

I have the "Blind Wid Da Science" CD single which includes "Solitair." If you're on SoulSeek look for me, I go by "General Notes." Peace.

Jsayman said...

Hey man could you re-upload the Rascalz Really livin link on mega upload because now the link doesnt work and the track blind wid da science would be great to get could you send me that reply back soon peace.

DJ Filthy Rich said...

this is a really good and hard-to-find album. a friend of mine had it and just gave it to me years ago because he stopped listening to it. damn, that was a good day! haha

'blind wid da science' appeared on their 'Cash Crop' album

if anyone has the single for 'Really Livin', could they please upload it? the instrumental is what i'm really looking for....

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