Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pete Rock & CL Smooth - The Main Ingredient

I'll go ahead and state the obvious: Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth never made a bad album. Period. They could probably come back from their 13 year hiatus and dropped another classic as far as I'm concerned. The thing that makes this album great is 1) Pete Rock's immaculate production and 2) C.L.'s flow. You can't say that any of their albums sound like someone elses. CL has a unique format and interesting wordplay that commands attention. Pete Rock is easily one of the top 5 producers in hip hop history and his ear for jazz samples is unmatched to this day. They blend their talents on this album and the songs bleed into each other perfectly. Did I mention how P.R. drops snippets between tracks? Forget about it. He drops just enough to make you crave and come back for more. If you're not instantly feeling this album, your heart isn't beating. I grabbed this ablum back when I was in grade 9 on boxing day christmas. Seriously the album doesnt even have a scratch on it and my word ive played it over 200 times. I'm sure there is going to be madd blogs out there with this one its just I wanted to make sure that heads still had a chance to copp it.

Track Listing

1.In The House
2.Caramel city
3.I Get Physical
4.Sun Won`t Come Out
5.I Got A Love
7.The Main Ingredient
9.All The Places
10.Tell Me
11.Take You There
13.Check It Out
14.In The Flesh
15.Its On You
16.Get On The Mic