Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tunes For June

This is kind of old news. A few weeks back I was able to catch Atmosphere perform live at the Opera House in Toronto. I have been a huge fan of Atmosphere since God Loves Ugly but for some reason was never able to catch them live. The night started off with me and two of my close friends taking a drive up to Toronto. When we reached our destination we found parking and quickly jumped in line. The line up was pretty big, but it didn't phase us. A few minutes later Slug came out and greeted the fans. He explained that he was going to be doing something called "Atmosphere karaoke" where the fans would have a chance to get up on stage and perform their favorite atmosphere tune. I was a little out of it thanks to the mickey of Captain Morgan I finished on the drive up but I gave him props and told him how much I enjoyed his new album. The show opened up with Abstract Rude and then to everyones surprise Brother Ali Stepped out and did a set. The crowd went wild for Brother Ali as did I, but Atmosphere without a doubt was the most anticipated.

Atmosphere-God Loves Ugly - Toronto Opera House 2008

This was seriously one of the coolest things I have ever seen done at a show. I was there and I thought he did a good job, what do you think?

Atmosphere karaoke - Saves The Day - Toronto Opera House

I'm not sure how many people know about this one. If you dont know, yes its true Slug & Murs did collaborate for 2 albums. The first album they released together was entitled "A Tribute To Christina Ricci" which was entirely produced by Grouch of the Living Legends crew. The second release was named after another well known actress (A Tribute To)Lisa Bonnet and was produced solely by the one and only Ant of Atmosphere. I chose to bring this album to the table over Christina Ricci's tribute for three reasons.

1. Ants production is impeccable
2. Slug and Murs are both very conscious emcees
3. Lisa Bonett

Felt 2 - A Tribute To Lisa Bonnet

Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Employees Of The Year
3. Ya Man's An'them
4. Lisa Interlude
5. Morris Day
6. Dirty Girl
7. Early Morning Tony
8. Break Her Down Like a Shotgun
9. Marvin Gaye
10. Fear and Loathing in Life Vegas
11. Bonet Interlude
12. Be My Woman
13. Gangster Ass Anthony
14. The Biggest Lie
15. I Shot a Warhol


In other news 2008 is beginning to show its hip hop side. Ive heard mixed views about what this year has to offer as far as hip hop goes. As for my opinion I have nothing but good things to say, so far so good.

Qwel - Starved Rock

Metaform - Lonely Boy

Presto ft. Sadat X, O.C. & Large Professor- Conquer Mentally

Kollabo Brothers ft. B.I. - Glad to be me

Freddie Joachim ft. Surreal - Matter of time

J-Live - Simmer Down

Eminem Pranks Ladies Love

In case you missed it here it is. Jason From Miami, the exclusive Eminem prank call to the infamous LL Cool J. Some people say it was stupid but I think it was genius.

Jason From Miami...


Chris said...

Felt2 was definitely one of the top if not my favourite release of that year, I still hope they'll release a third album, Ant has continously stepped up his game imo, downloading that prank call right now I'm sure I'll laugh my ass off..

vH said...

been reading your entries all night tonight man, some great stuff.

keep it real.

Anonymous said...

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