Friday, May 16, 2008

New York City Lookin` Pretty

East Coast Hip Hop has always been a style of Hip Hop that I have enjoyed. Originating back in the 1970's theres no doubt in my mind the impact it had on hip hop was beyond extrodinary. From famous legends such as Lakim Shabazz, Wu-Tang, Pete Rock and Cl Smooth, ATCQ, Notorious B.I.G, Kool Herc, Grand Master Flash, Run DMC, Krs One and the unforgettable Eric B and Rakim New York has always had a big influence on "real" hip hop of today.

20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Eric B. & Rakim

Track Listing
1. I Know You Got Soul
2. Eric B. Is President
3. I Ain't No Joke
4. Paid in Full (Seven Minutes of Madness) [Coldcut Remix]
5. Follow the Leader
6. Lyrics of Fury
7. Microphone Fiend
8. Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em
9. In the Ghetto
10. The Punisher
11. Know the Ledge

Everyone knows the time line for hip hop goes quite a ways back. In the 80's however in my opinion is when artists really started setting the bar. Eric B and Rakim were a duo who really shot up in the charts throughout the mid eighties. Rakim is still one of my favorite emcees because to this day I cant really see any one being able to match his flow. I purchased this album a few years back and you best believe it is still in mint condition. The 20th Century Masters series is the best-selling single-artist line in music history and they did a great job releasing the best hits from Eric B and Rakim on the "Millennium Edition".

Lakim Shabazz - Pure Righteousness

This was an era when East Coast was the best of the best, hands down. Sure the West Coast blew up eventually but for me New York was where hip hop was at. Be sure to peep the running man in this live performance from Lakim Shabazz for Pure Righteousness.
Pure dopeness!