Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Producer Of The Month - Freddie Joachim

Producer Of The Month

Its always nice when you find out about a new and up n' coming producer. I first came across Freddie Joachim almost a year ago when I first listened to Son of Ran's - A Tribute To Sky City. I also gave praise to Freddie for his work on Brawdcast's - Endure album in a previous post a while back. Ive been hitting Joachim's blog for the past couple months now, downloading his Podcasts which he films live for viewers regularly and peeping his sense of style for his love of music.

If your still curious about his resume check this out....

  • The ParanormL - "Jazz is the Fundamentals EP" label: Altered Vibes(2005)
    "Keep it Moving" - production
  • The EarthTones - "For All Seasons" label: indie (2005)
    "Building" - production
  • Untapped Sounds - "The Change Up Vol.1" label: Untapped Sounds (2006)
    "Marie feat. Choice37" - production
    "Shadow of Smiles" - production
  • Braille - "Box of Rhymes/Extra Box for Japan" label: Hip Hop is Music (2006)
    "Cooling Out" - production
  • Son of Ran - "A Sky City Classic" promo (2006)
    "Can I"
    "Brief Soul"
    "No Sunshizzle"
    "Gates to Cybertron"
    "Get Up"
    "As Long As There's You"
    "Ya'lls Truly" - all production
  • Doping Records - "Cool Out Remixes: Freddie Joachim" label: Subcontact (2007)
    "Mos Def - Mathematics Remix"
    "Talib Kweli - Rock On Remix
  • The Upstarts - "The Know How" label:Subcontact/Better Built Music (2007)
    "Got What it Takes"
    "Natural feat. Latanya Lockett"
    "Time's Right"
    "Real Definition feat. Grap Luva"
    "Stand Up"
    "Grand Design feat. Grap Luva & Kev Brown"
    "Always" - all production
  • Lauren Santiago - "Sundays EP" label: indie (2007)
    "Take it Back" - production.
  • The ParanormL - "Fundamentals" label: Swamp Records Japan (2007)
    "Experience feat. FatHed" - production
    "Golden Age" - production
  • Choice37 - "Diligence" label: Subcontact Japan/Untapped Sounds (2007)
    "Tomorrow feat. Othello" - production
    "Conversate Remix feat. Kero One & El Gambina" - production
  • The Smile Rays - "Party Place EP" label: Subcontact (2007)
    "Trust Remix" - production.
  • Brawdcast - "Endure" label: Subcontact (2007)
    "Night Walk feat. LMNO & N8"
    "Not Today feat. Francesca"
    "Leaving feat. Francesca"
    "Getback feat. Meta" "Soul Search feat. Sophistic"
    "The Ease"
    "Rest of Your Life"
    "The Prayer" - all production

  • There is something about instrumentals that get me moving while cruising in the jeep, walking around school or going for a nice run. What can I say, I love beats. I like abstract beats, smooth beats and the jazziest of beats. Freddie offers all of the above in a mix tape he offers for free on his blog.

    Freddie Joachim - Tiger *Instrumentals
    Download -
    1. Darkness
    2. Sauced
    3. Shotty
    4. Circles
    5. Just A Peace
    6. Winter Rainbow
    7. Sexual Chocolate

    Plus 2 additional Jay Z Bonus Remixes
    Ignorant S***

    Track # 2 Sauced

    In the mean time Freddie is working on an upcoming release of his debut album "In with time" due to release soon. Im looking forward to it and im hoping he catches some people off guard on how ill he really is.

    Be sure to check out his promo vids for "In with time" and drop him a line over at his blogspot.

    Promo Vid 2

    Promo Vid 1

    Peace & Enjoy!!