Thursday, June 14, 2007

Madlib - Beat Konducta - Vol. 1-2: Movie Scenes

Madlib, the genius young producer (yes, I believe he’s earned the title of “genius” by now) behind so many diverse projects over the years, from Madvillainy to the Quasimoto albums to Yesterdays New Quintet to Jaylib to DJ Rels, has finally dropped his instrumental album. It’s on Stones Throw, which makes sense—through his prolific production work he’s practically come to define the Stones Throw sound by now—and the comparisons to J Dilla’s Donuts are inevitable. Both albums are longer works composed of 30-something shorter tracks, most averaging about one to two minutes in length, and both are largely instrumental, using any vocals—usually sampled and chopped—mainly as instruments. Both are on Stones Throw, and the two were frequent collaborators, notably on Champion Sound. Damn Madlib has a nicer touch than Tiger Woods does with a putter. Always up to par with other producers and recently was able to collab with the great one Talib Kweli on Liberation. Madlib 'The Beat Konducta Movie scenes vol 1-2 is a soundtrack to a movie that doesn't exist. This makes the album quite unique and allows imagery to enter your mind and will let you escape reality. My favourite beat on this soundtrack is "Pyramids" but most of these instrumentals are hot potatoes. Enjoi. And remember dont forget to practice your free steez.

1 The Comeback (Madlib)
2 The Payback (Gotta)
3 Face the Sun (Africa)
4 Open (Space)
5 Tape Hiss (Dirty)
6 Sir Bang (Bounce)
7 Third Ear (More)
8 Stax (Strings)
9 Electric Company (Voltage-Watts)
10 Left on Silverlake (Ride)
11 Painted Pictures (Art)
12 Gold Jungle (Tribe)
13 Offbeat (Groove)
14 Pyramids (Change)
15 Eternal Broadcaster (Authentic)
16 Spanish Bells (High Dreams)
17 The Rock (Humps)
18 Box Top (Cardboard Dues)
19 West Zone (Coastin)
20 Filthy (Untouched)
21 Friends (Foes)
22 Toe Fat (Ghettozone)
23 Money Hugger (Gold Diggin)
24 The Comeup (Come Down)
25 Two Timer (The Pimp)
26 Chopstyle (Suey Blast)
27 Black Mozart (Opus II)
28 Understanding (Comprehension)
29 Snake Charmer (Heads Up)
30 Old Age (Youngblood)
31 Fukwitus (The Eights)
32 African Walk (Zamunda)
33 Whutkanido (Can Do It)
34 The Forest (Greens)
35 Outerlimit (Space Ho)